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Electric sun evidence: similar corona and sunspot plasma?

electric sun evidence electromagnetic universe eu theoryEvidence of an electric Sun or the electromagnetic nature and power of the Sun?

This awesome result for the Electric Universe theory also has a rather unexpected surprise for plasma lovers

The soft X-ray detector brought home data showing that a significant amount of soft X-rays — more than expected — were seen when there are even a small amount of magnetically complex sunspots.

… the detector saw 1000 times more soft X-rays than had been seen by another experiment in 2009. Even a slight extra amount of solar activity in the form of these active regions, led to substantially more output in the soft X-ray wavelengths.

Wavelengths of light correlate to particular temperatures of material on the sun, and this abundance of soft X-rays points to clouds of hot — 5 to 10 million degrees — gases above the active regions that wasn’t present during the 2009 measurements when there were no active regions on the sun.
NASA studies the sun in soft x-rays

Electric sun heater

For example, the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, is 1,000 times hotter than its surface, and scientists do not yet understand the details of why.
NASA studies the sun in soft x-rays

electric sun theory evidence universe plasma temperature x raysOne of the many mysteries of the sun is that it gets hotter the further you go away from the suns ‘surface’. In fact sunspots are dark and ‘cold’ and this is as far as we can see into the sun. The suns corona or outer atmosphere of plasma is perhaps up to a million centigrade.

Not related to the above news but more evidence of the importance of the eletromagnetic nature of the Sun to its heat and energy.

The fact that we see a limit on the flare energies for these stars, Osten says, “sort of” confirms that these flares get their energy from star spots, or magnetic fields poking through the stellar surface.
NASA’s Kepler Spots Thousands Of Extreme ‘White Light’ Stellar Flares

Suns corona and sunspotsurface plasma similar? What and why?

electric sun dark sunspots evidence theory proof plasma magnetic

the team could identify what elements were present in the corona. Typically, the abundance of some of these atoms in the corona is greater than at the sun’s surface. But not so in these recent observations. The mix of material in the corona was more similar to the mix seen at the solar surface
NASA studies the sun in soft x-rays

What does this mean? Why does it happen? Why the sunspots?