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5 Electric Stars system

electric stars systems suns theory evidence example hypothesis5 stars (suns) have been found in an amazing system, they orbit around the same plane in 2 groups.

Astronomers have discovered a very rare system of five connected stars.

The quintuplet consists of a pair of closely linked stars – binaries – one of which has a lone companion; it is the first known system of its kind.

The pair of stars orbit around a mutual centre of gravity, but are separated by more than the distance of Pluto’s orbit around the Sun.
Rare system of five stars discovered

One pair of stars (contact binary stars) are so close that they share the same environment.

The other binary suns have a 3rd companion star.

This seems to show that these stars are linked together in some relationship, perhaps a orbital resonance.

These findings strongly support the claim that both binaries (and very probably all five stars) are gravitationally bound in a single system. The consistent angles of inclination found for the two binaries (88.2(3) and 86(4) degrees) may also indicate that they originally formed by fragmentation (~9-10 Gyr ago) from a single protostellar disk and subsequently remained in the same orbital plane.
The doubly eclipsing quintuple low-mass star system 1SWASP J093010.78+533859.5

It is suggested that they all formed out of dust and then formed on the same plane.

How much dust would there have to have been for 5 stars to form in the same plane?

Why are they in the groupings they are?

Why is there also another system that also has 5 stars linked together?

Perhaps suns are powered and shaped by natural electromagnetic forces?

Perhaps that is why you can find 5 stars in the same plane?

The power or energy did not come from the Big Bang but is still being supplied now?

Are these linked multiple star systems evidence of the Electric Sun