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Electric star in a jar

electromagnetic sun stars electricity SAFIRE project models plasmaThe SAFIRE Project are starting to release more of its Phase 1 experiment results and are suggesting they are potentially observing a star in a jar, or in the case of the EU theory, an electric star in a jar.

The SAFIRE Project is experimentally investigating the Electric Universe theory and especially the positive Electric Sun Model (Anode Sun Model).

The main notes below are a summary of the SAFIRE video by Monty Childs (link to 8 minute video or see video below).

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Electric star in a jar

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They achieved unexpected spectacular results so early into the series of experiments. The observations below and other characteristics looks like a sun, behaves like a sun.

  • Limiting the power to 1800 watts DC (Direct Current) the plasma sun would form stratified layers that sometimes surge emitting up to 10 million watts
  • The anode (core) is around 600 centigrade
  • A dense cloud of ions would build up just off the surface of the anode (1mm to 2mm) with that plasma around 2000 to 3000 centigrade. This is the plasma layer that would surge
  • This ion cloud striations and the SAFIRE Project team think this is similar to the photosphere of the Sun
  • The gas temperature is hotter the further away from the Sun – similar to the coronal temperature compared to the photosphere

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Electric Duck Test

Has the SAFIRE Project already started to confirm some parts of the Electric Universe theory and especially the Electric Star hypothesis?

The plasma striations temperature differences do resemble the different temperature layers of the Sun, especially if they get hotter the further out into the atmosphere they go.

And are the plasma energy surges they have observed a resemblance of Suns plasma coronal mass ejection’s (CME)?

From an EU biased perspective it seems to be science based on observational studies.

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If, upon conclusion, the SAFIRE Duck Test suggests that it is an electromagnetic plasma Sun and stars then how much of the rest of the Electric Universe theory does it or does not ‘prove’? And if the interpretations suggest it is not?