electric earthquakes lights

Electric earthquake lights and electric earthquakes

electric earthquake lights puzzleElectric earthquake lights were the stuff of legend with numerous eye witness reports but no scientific backing. The web helped to show that people were not making up the stories of strange glowing orbs of light, lightning, columns that appeared before an earthquake struck the area.

electric earthquake light orbsAnimals sensing the electromagnetic forces in earth and air were known to abandon the area long before the earthquake struck.

An electromagnetic force or event was suggested by people as the cause of the earthquake light shows but how and why?

electric earthquake lights

electric earthquake lights mysteryScientists have now discovered a way that perhaps explains part of the electric earthquake lights mystery but still does not explain another massive mystery – why are the earths spacequakes the same as its earthquakes?

Clue to earthquake lightning mystery
Bizarre Earthquake Lights Finally Explained

Electric earthquakes?

electric earthquakes lightsThe earth has earthquakes but it also has amazing spacequakes. The earths spacequakes have the same signature and energy as our earthquakes.

The earth use to be thought of as a solitary object in space, hence the reason we have all the old theory about the earth creating its magnetism itself from a molten core. It has now been proven that the earth is electromagnetically connected to our sun and the solar system. But the old theories and those built on them are still being used.

The earths weather system is part of our electromagnetic circuit including the awesome polar plasma fountains and the earths equatorial plasma fountain.

earthquake lights lightning orbs electromagneticAre electric earthquake lights part of the evidence for the electrical nature and source of earthquakes?

electric earthquake lights weather system