Electric Earth electromagnetic oceans

European Space Agency says it is an Electric Earth

Electric Earth electromagnetic oceansThe ESA (European Space Agency) has released a study with the title Magnetic oceans and electric Earth.

Scientists have used and interpreted the data from the ESA’s three Swarm satellites to partly reveal the electrical nature of planet Earth’s top layers.

Oceans might not be thought of as magnetic, but they make a tiny contribution to our planet’s protective magnetic shield. Remarkably, ESA’s Swarm satellites have not only measured this extremely faint field, but have also led to new discoveries about the electrical nature of inner Earth.
Magnetic oceans and electric Earth | European Space Agency

The interpretations and conclusions of the data are based on mathematical models and current geology theories. But the electrical nature of the inner planet seems to not be in question.

Although we know that the magnetic field originates in different parts of Earth and that each source generates magnetism of different strengths, exactly how it is generated and why it changes is not fully understood.
Magnetic oceans and electric Earth | European Space Agency

Combining it with the possible results of upper mantle earthquakes, not what geologists expected but predicted by Electric Universe theory, is this more evidence of the electrical circuits flowing,induction,transforming in the planets core and the whole global electrical circuit?

Electric Universe induction from an Electric Earth?

Electrical nature of Earths geology

When salty ocean water flows through the magnetic field, an electric current is generated and this, in turn, induces a magnetic response in the deep region below Earth’s crust – the mantle.
Magnetic oceans and electric Earth | European Space Agency

The tidal flow of electrically conductive oceans through the geomagnetic field results in the generation of secondary magnetic signals, which provide information on the subsurface structure … We use satellite-detected tidal magnetic fields to image the global electrical structure of the oceanic lithosphere and upper mantle down to a depth of about 250 km. The model derived from more than 12 years of satellite data reveals a ≈72-km-thick upper resistive layer followed by a sharp increase in electrical conductivity likely associated with the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, which separates colder rigid oceanic plates from the ductile and hotter asthenosphere.
Satellite tidal magnetic signals constrain oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary

Ducking the electrical nature of the universe

Electric circuits induction planets solar system The language of scientific experimental conclusions and news reports are becoming more like a Thunderbolts Picture of the Day. As Julian West observed and predicted.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Similar results are likely to be found deeper in the planet and also on other planets, moons and even asteroids and active asteroids (comets) no matter how geologically dead geology theory suggests they are. It is to do with components and local circuits in the electromagnetic solar system circuit.