A pair of electric arc volcanoes

Electochemical volcanoes connected by electric arc volcano circuitry in Bali?

Surprisingly, we noticed that both the earthquake activity and the ground deformation signal were located five kilometres away from the summit, which means that magma must be moving sideways as well as vertically upwards.

'Our study provides the first geophysical evidence that Agung and Batur volcanoes may have a connected plumbing system. 'This has important implications for eruption forecasting and could explain the occurrence of simultaneous eruptions, such as in 1963.'

The eruption of 1963 was among the deadliest volcanic eruptions of the 20th Century, so scientists ceased the opportunity to monitor and understand its re-awakening.

The event more than 50 years ago was almost immediately followed by a smaller eruption by its neighbour to the north-west, fuelling speculation the two volcanoes were connected.
Satellite images reveal Bali's two volcanoes are connected and share the same 'plumbing system' despite being more than ten miles apart | Daily Mail

electric arc volcanoes

Electromagnetic, electrochemistry connection between Agung and Batur volcanoes on Earth, planets, moon's in our solar system and the universe?

The 2017 dyke intrusion occurred midway between the edifices of Agung and Batur at depths of 7–13 km suggesting a physical connection between the two magmatic systems, and between deep and shallow reservoirs. The hypothesis of a vertically and laterally extensive magma system is supported by the historical observations of simultaneous eruptions at Batur and Agung and similarities in storage depths and eruptive compositions...

Firstly, the seismicity was located midway between Agung and the neighbouring volcano, Batur caldera and was initially interpreted as triggered events on a nearby fault system, but could also indicate lateral magma transport. Secondly, there was a 10-week delay between the onset of seismicity and the first significant eruption...

tephrochronology records simultaneous eruptions of volcanic systems spaced over tens of kilometres, particularly in extensional environments and a few historical examples suggest such connections also occur in arc settings
Dyke intrusion between neighbouring arc volcanoes responsible for 2017 pre-eruptive seismic swarm at Agung