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Computer models and their explanations keep looking more and sound more like modern plasma cosmology and major parts of the general Electric Universe theory.

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But the complex mechanisms behind these jets remain poorly understood. A potential insight into the problem comes from the fact that material around a black hole is transformed into plasma, a blisteringly hot, but diffuse magnetized state of matter. Physicists have long suspected that twisting magnetic fields somehow … to give rise to the jets.

The new computational methods will help researchers better study regions of intense electric current near a black hole’s edge, which could be related to the X-rays and gamma-rays seen in the jets
Black Hole Plasma Jets Shine Like Cosmic Lighthouses in These Gorgeous Images | Live Science

Electromagnetic plasmas, magnetic universe fields, electric currents in space, twisting Kristian Birkeland filaments and current sheets, Anthony Peratt plasmoid structures and plasma instabilities etc.

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Stunning new images show how black holes produce tremendously bright jets millions of light-years long that can be seen across vast cosmic distances. The images were produced by a computer simulation and could help resolve an enduring mystery about how the jets form, the researchers behind the images said.

Despite their moniker, black holes aren’t always black. As a black hole consumes an object, gas and dust spins around the maw of the gravitational behemoth, and friction can heat the material on the edges to searing temperatures. This violent process creates lighthouse-like beams of charged particles that travel outward at near light speed, emitting radiation that can shine brighter than an entire galaxy.
Black Hole Plasma Jets Shine Like Cosmic Lighthouses in These Gorgeous Images | Live Science

These mathematical constructs are based on peer reviewed theories such as black holes, dark matter, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity etc

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Black holes drive powerful plasma jets to relativistic velocities… We present general-relativistic collisionless plasma simulations of Kerr-black-hole magnetospheres… based on local unscreened electric fields, and reach steady states with electromagnetically powered Blandford-Znajek jets and persistent current sheets…

the generated plasma distribution depends on the pair-creation environment, and we describe two distinct realizations of the force-free electrodynamic solution. This sensitivity suggests that plasma kinetics will be useful in interpreting future horizon-resolving submillimeter and infrared observations.
First-Principles Plasma Simulations of Black-Hole Jet Launching

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