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SIS the most wonderful time of the year

The old festivals of Saturnalia and the new Christian Christmas version really is the most wonderful time of the year because the latest edition of the Chronology and Catastrophism Review is out and delivered to your doorstep or inbox.

This magazine, by the members of SIS (Society for Interdisciplinary Studies), investigates a very wide range of subjects including comparative plasma mythology, New Chronology, anything Immanuel Velikovsky, some plasma cosmology and/or Electric Universe theory.

Reviews of Chronology, Catastrophism and Electric Universe

The Society gifts this festive season include these clickbait research titles:
Why the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® isn’t the same as the Plasma Universe and why it matters (by Robert J Johnson).
The 5th Century Invasions According to Tóth Gyula (by Patrick S Giles).
Ages Still in Chaos Revisited, Part 1: From Ages in Chaos to Ages Still in Chaos (by Trevor Palmer).
The Placement of Dynasty XXII (by Eric Aitchison).
Reflections on ‘The Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century AD (by Phillip Clapham).

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Gentlemen, Queensberry Rules please

One of the secret joys of reading these ‘Velikovsky peer reviewed’ articles is the debates, especially, nearly always to do with ancient timelines and the translations of words. These sometimes mean readers replies that lead to letters of authors response that can sometimes, please, nearly degenerate to scholarly arguments. But not quite as this is not the done thing in The polite Society – Queensberry discussion Rules not fisticuffs.

Chronology Catastrophism Review“.

In this edition there is a main paper on The Hyksos: A Response to Donald Keith Mills and some members letters that may have journals adjudicators shouting “Seconds out! Round 2”

There is also a nice surprise letter from Rens (Marinus van der Sluijs) about a very different topic, continuing his no fear of treading on Velikovskian fingers and toes.

Tis the season to be jolly!