Gravity Universe or Electric plasma Magnetic Universe

Gravity impressionism

This is a stock artist impression of gravity based cosmology of peer reviewed research papers and theories, from funded experiments.

the most likely explanation for such an extended disk atmosphere is that the accreting star photoionizes the outer parts of the disk due to strong X-ray radiation, Psaradaki says. This phenomenon causes thermal instabilities, while the gas tries to find a stable solution.
Astronomers confirm extended atmosphere on accretion disk of X-ray binary |

Not even 5% Gravity galaxies without 95% dark stuff.

Gravity Universe or Electric plasma Magnetic Universe

Artist’s peer impressionism of Gravity Universe resembles a plasma cosmology picture of an Electric Universe with circuits and components.

Low mass X-ray binaries exhibit ionized emission from an extended disc atmosphere that surrounds the accretion disc. However, the atmosphere’s nature and geometry is still unclear … Our results suggest that there are two photoionization gas components that are out of pressure equilibrium with respect to each other. One has an ionization parameter of log ξ ∼ 2.5 and a large opening angle, and one has log ξ ∼ 1.3. The second component possibly covers a smaller fraction of the source. From the density diagnostics of the OVII triplet using photoionization modelling, we detect a rather high density plasma of > 1013 cm−3 for the lower ionization component. This latter component also displays an inflow velocity.

We propose a scenario where the high ionization component constitutes an extended upper atmosphere of the accretion disc. The lower ionization component may instead be a clumpy gas created from the impact of the accretion stream with the disc.
Modelling the disc atmosphere of the low mass X-ray binary EXO 0748-676

Plasma filament jets, ionised gases, energising electromagnetic processes transforming chemical elements into different electrochemistry and releasing different levels of frequencies including synchrotron radiation.