Saturn Earth water isotope Phoebe

leaving the only possibility.

Leaving the possibility… that planetary configurations predicting a close Saturnian system with planet Earth have to be considered. Similar water evidence?

The carbon dioxide presence places limits on how much of Phoebe could have evaporated to space after formation, leaving the only possibility that Phoebe formed in the very cold outer reaches of the Solar System, much further out than Saturn, and was subsequently perturbed into an orbit where it was captured by Saturn. Exactly how far out Phoebe originated is unknown…

The Saturn system D/H values close to the Earth’s values imply a similar water source for the inner and outer Solar System, and new models need to be developed where the change from inner to outer Solar System is less.

Water. What is the origin of the massive amount of Earth’s liquid, now proposed to be the same type as Saturns rings and most of its moons?

Saturn moons Earth water isotopes

“leaving the only possibility…”

The results, found in the Icarus paper Isotopic Ratios of Saturn’s Rings and Satellites: Implications for the Origin of Water and Phoebe by Planetary Science Institute Senior Scientist Roger N Clark, also mean we need to change models of the formation of the Solar System because the new results are in conflict with existing models…

Adding a neutron to one hydrogen atom, then called deuterium (D), increases the mass of a water molecule (HDO) by about 5 percent, and that small change results in isotopic differences in the formation of a planet, moon, or comet, and changes the evaporation of water after formation. The deuterium to hydrogen ratio (D/H) is a fingerprint of the formation conditions, including temperature and evolution over time. Evaporating water enriches deuterium in the remaining surface.

Models for the formation of the Solar System indicate that the D/H should be much higher in the colder outer Solar System than in the hotter inner system where the Earth formed.
The water in Saturn’s rings and satellites is like that on Earth except for moon Phoebe, which is out of this worldm

The migration of planets, capture of geological new moons and planets already exists. The scientific proposed Nice Model, with Jumping Jupiters and planets switching orbits, is one variation. Other Saturn based cosmology models already predicated alignments involving Saturn close to our planet. But based on relatively recent world wide mythology.

new Nice Model modification

The high 13C abundance in the CO2 suggests that Phoebe was never warm enough for the large D/H ratio in its surface to have originated by evaporative fractionation of its water ice (eg, from heating in the inner Solar System before its eventual capture by Saturn)… As such, it is likely that Phoebe originated in a colder part of the outer Solar System, relative to the prevailing temperatures at Saturn’s distance from the Sun.
Isotopic Ratios of Saturn’s Rings and Satellites: Implications for the Origin of Water and Phoebe

Some alternatives based on comparative mythology are Immanuel Velikovksy and his Worlds In Collision theories, the Velikovsky / Ackerman scenario, including Electric Universe theories Saturn Polar Configuration, God King Scenario and others.

If these water isotopes are found all over the solar system “leaving the only possibility.” Saturnian Cosmology evidence. Perhaps transformation of chemicals and elements by electromagnetic forces of this plasma universe?

and perhaps in the rest of the galaxy then it might not be