grand canyon Australia

Long distance geology, mate

Similar rock types found on island of Tasmania Australia and in the lower layers of the Grand Canyon USA?

  • Originally formed in same area on old supercontinent Rodinia, then plate tectonics has separated them and moved them a continent apart?
  • Transformation of chemical elements in situ by similar electromagnetic geological forces?
  • Created in old Grand Canyon land and then Earth expanded?
  • Material transported from North America to Australian island?
  • Electroplating or electrochemical sorting of material in the atmosphere?
  • Others?

grand canyon Australia

Central Arizona is a good 13,500 kilometres from the Australian island of Tasmania. Being a third of the world away, you wouldn’t think the two would have much in common in terms of geology – but you would be wrong.

Scientists in Tasmania have found ancient rocks that have the same minerals and geochemical make-up as some of the oldest rock layers found in natural wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon...

found the rocks were aged between 1.1 and 1.2 billion years old and their geochemistry is more closely related to those in the Grand Canyon which dates back a whopping 1.5 billion.
How did rocks from the Grand Canyon end up 13,500km away in Australia? |

Super continents

grand canyon Australia

Rodinia is not the be confused with Pangea, the most famous and most recent of planet Earth’s supercontinents.

The planet has had several of these over its 4.5-billion-year existence. The discovery of similar fossils scattered across the world, from South Africa, India and Australia, lent evidence to the existence of Pangea.
How did rocks from the Grand Canyon end up 13,500km away in Australia? |