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Electromagnetic waterspouts, electric plasma tornado's, plasma spouts.

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Waterspouts have a five-part life cycle: formation of a dark spot on the water surface, spiral pattern on the water surface, formation of a spray ring, development of the visible condensation funnel, and ultimately decay
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Fibonacci spirals, vortex, golden ratios and natural spiralling number sequences.

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The electrical nature of waterspouts was investigated by the US Navy back in late 1960's. Electric plasma waterspouts.
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electromagnetic waterspout sequenceFirst a circular white spot surrounded by an irregular dark area forms on the water's surface. Next a pattern of light and dark bands spiral outwards. Then a dense, swirling ring of spray, called a cascade, appears around the dark spot and rises toward the clouds. When it connects to the clouds, the waterspout begins to move with the clouds...

Russian plasma physicist V A Rantsev-Kartinov studied waterspouts from a plasma point of view. He came to understand the waterspout as a long-lasting discharge current between the plasma networks of the ocean surface (or lake surface) and the electrical charge of the clouds above.

Every world in the solar system is a charged body orbiting in a plasma. On Earth, there are many ways that the plasma interactions between Earth and space show up -- auroras, lightning, sprites and elves, tornados, hurricanes, waterspouts and dust devils, geomagnetic storms. On other worlds, different modes of electrical interaction are seen - giant dust devils on Mars
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Plasma spouting mythology

There was a commonly-held belief among sailors in the 18th and 19th centuries that shooting a broadside cannon volley dispersed waterspouts. Amongst others, Captain Vladimir Bronevskiy claims that it was a successful technique, being an eye-witness to the dissipation of a phenomena in the Adriatic while being a midshipman aboard the frigate Venus during the 1806 campaign under Admiral Senyavin.
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Tornado's and their water based variations are electrical in nature and formation. Tornadoes are split into 2 different classes. The most famous and spectacular are those that are formed from mesocyclonic thunderstorms, normally over land.

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The other type are non tornadic waterspouts, these appear from convective cumulus cloud storms. These spouts are called fair weather waterspouts and the whole cycle can be started and over within 30 minutes.

If you can change the electromagnetic environment, that is the origin and source of the power of tornadic waterspouts, then can you discharge a water tornado?

One of Malta's folklore involves ringing the church bells during a tempest, this appeared to help dissipate the storm.

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