Jupiter’s electric JUICE

The electric juice powering the Jupiter system will be further investigated by a new European Space Agency mission. If you could propose an Electric Universe theory space mission this would be a juicy target.

ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer – JUICE – Planned to launch in 2022, JUICE will embark on a 7.5-year long journey through the Solar System before arriving at Jupiter in 2029. There, it will spend three and a half years examining the giant planet and its environment, in particular investigating the Galilean moons Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, which are thought to conceal oceans of liquid water beneath their icy crusts ... the complex trajectory that will take JUICE to Jupiter, which includes five planetary gravity assist manoeuvres at Venus, Earth and Mars, as well as preparing for the spacecraft operations in the Jovian system, involving 26 flybys of Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, and eventually orbit injection around Ganymede.
JUICE ground control gets green light to start development of Jupiter operations | European Space Agency

Jupiter plasma JUICE mission

Although (virtually?) no peer reviewed research papers for EUT are available there are lots about plasma in the solar system and universe. No peer reviewed EU theory space missions but this is one of those that gets as close to exploring an electrical universe without naming it as such.

To explore the atmosphere, magnetosphere and tenuous rings of Jupiter, as well as to characterise its three ocean-bearing moons, JUICE will sport ten state-of-the-art instruments. These include cameras, spectrometers, a sub-millimetre sounder, an ice-penetrating radar, an altimeter, a radio-science experiment, and sensors to monitor the magnetic fields and particle environment, as well as a radio interferometry experiment ... spacecraft pointing to the various observation targets – Jupiter, the moons, the plasma environment, the magnetic field
JUICE ground control gets green light to start development of Jupiter operations | ESA

Jupiter electric JUICE

Lots of EUT proposals, solutions and evidence about the many Jovian gravity universe mysteries may be answered. Although that may depend on interpretations of data.

Jupiter's Icy Moons Explorer spacecraft may be indirectly investigating the bold and controversial Ganymede Hypothesis by Theodore Holden and Troy McLachlan.

the authors have pinpointed to within a statistical certainty the original home of modern humans on the largest of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede. Hominid to human evolutionary schemes are shown to be unworkable; humans are shown to be highly maladapted to the conditions of this planet in very ancient times, implying that we could not plausibly have evolved or been created for this planet; Ganymede is shown to be the remains of what would have been a perfect world for Elaine Morgan’s Aquatic Ape thesis and for human habitation. By “to within a statistical certainty”, is meant that a zero probability event or probabilistic miracle would have to have occurred for anything other than what the authors are proposing, to have happened.
The Ganymede Hypothesis | Cosmos in Collision

Jupiter human origins Ganymede