plasma cosmology

Peer proposed theory of plasma cosmology

A peer reviewed and proposed plasma cosmology and parts of Electric Universe theory.

Noguchi’s depiction of the Milky Way’s history begins at the point when cold gas streams flowed into the galaxy (cold flow accretion) and stars formed from this gas. During this period, the gas quickly began to accumulate α-elements released by explosions…

When shock waves appeared and heated the gas to high temperatures 7 billion years ago, the gas stopped flowing into the galaxy and stars ceased to form. During this period, retarded explosions of long-lived type Ia supernovae injected iron into the gas and changed its elemental composition.

As the gas cooled by emitting radiation, it began flowing back into the galaxy 5 billion years ago (cooling flow) and made the second generation of stars rich in iron, including our sun
Stars memorize rebirth of our home galaxy |

peer reviewed electric universe theory

Stars going low powered dark plasma mode – energised stress flare at the flick of one of natures electromagnetic switches.

peer reviewed plasma cosmology

The Christian bible mythology mentions a third of the stars going dark in its revelation scroll.

If the circuitry changes in that part of the heavens, plasma gas not flowing or turning cold (low energy), could this be one of the possible explanations of for what older civilisations might have observed in the skies?