Electric Universe London monthly meetings

Electric Universe London meetings

The Electric Universe community is having a monthly get together. Get grounded in observable plasma structures and electromagnetic reality, mate, in London town.

Monthly meetings discussing alternative interpretations, mostly EU theory and plasma based cosmology.

Electric Universe meetings

Electric Universe London monthly meetings details

Phil Francis will be there and speaking so it will be entertaining before, during and after. This months get together is on Saturday 1st September from 15:00 to 17:30, then every first Saturday of the month.

Phil is lecturing on Electric Earth and Weather Mechanics. If you want a taster then he is on this video What is the Electric Nature of our Atmosphere and the Weather?. This video was produced by the most entertaining of chaps, Neil Thompson, who gives us The Electric View.

The venue details can also be found below at bottom of the page.

EU theory conferences talks

All the proofe of a pudding

The proof is in the eating and drinking of the EU pudding? Your chance to test and talk their and your own ideas and the implications. Get possibly explanations, confirmations, falsifications, unconformities for science, geology, catastrophes, history, stuff that is actually important to you.

For most people this is the first time in the year of their life to be surrounded by follow enthusiasts, or even better, friends who want to explore the universal implications, governor.

Go there and talk to everyone because they want to chat to those interested in subjects with sometimes unknown connections.

If you want to explore and argue about Immanuel Velkovsky, mythology, chronology, then find a member of The Society – Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. While having a bloody good time, sir.

Food and drink for thoughts

The venue is the healthy MAP Studio Cafe NW5 3DU with vegetarian meals including lasagne and salads. It caters for the more Denisovan of us with full English breakfasts, toasties and other fare.

Electric Universe London

Socially positive menu and drinks and it seems value for a place near Londinium. Having discussed a myriad of mechanisms, supping, plasma discharge catastrophism, sloshing , Velikovskian inspired mythology, sipping, après-ski jt is ywrite that euery thing Hymself sheweth in the, tastyng.

We have a large selection of herbal teas, speciality coffee and a full list of bottled beers, wines and spirits with local draught beer from Camden Brewery.
MAP Studio Cafe