Mars Gaia Electric Universe

Mars atmosphere is interconnected System

Mars atmospheric layers connected. Electric Universe theory suggests and predicted that everything, especially planets, are connected in a Gaia type way.

A new study using data from the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS) instrument on ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft has found clear signs of the Martian atmosphere acting as a single system, with processes occurring at low and mid levels significantly affecting those seen higher up…

“The lower and middle levels of Mars’ atmosphere appear to be coupled to the upper levels: there’s a clear link between them throughout the Martian year,” Dr. Sánchez-Cano said. “We found this link by tracking the amount of electrons in the upper atmosphere…

Mars Gaia Electric UniverseThe amount of charged particles in Mars’ upper atmosphere is known to change with season and local time, driven by changes in solar illumination and activity, and, crucially for this study, the varying composition and density of the atmosphere itself.

But Dr. Sánchez-Cano and colleagues found more changes than they were expecting. “We discovered a surprising and significant increase in the amount of charged particles in the upper atmosphere during springtime in the Northern hemisphere, which is when the mass in the lower atmosphere is growing as ice sublimates from the northern polar cap,” she said…

“This sublimation process was thought to mostly only affect the lower atmosphere — we didn’t expect to see its effects clearly propagating upwards to higher levels. It’s very interesting to find a connection like this,” said co-author Dr. Olivier Witasse, of the European Space Agency.

The finding suggests that the atmosphere of Mars behaves as a single system.
Mars’ Atmosphere Acts as Single, Interconnected System

Mars atmosphere interacts with its surface so everything on Mars is linked together and to the solar system and the electromagnetic universe.