A nebula planet being born?

In theory a new planet being born from a dusty plasma disk around a star. The usual peer reviewed proclamation of interpretation of minimal data as fact and proof. Even when observed nature goes against astronomy theories and mathematical models.

This image from the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope is the first clear image of a planet caught in the act of formation... It is a moment of birth that has previously proved elusive, but astronomers say they now have the first confirmed image of the formation of a planet.

“This is almost undeniable, so it is very exciting. It does suggest that our idea for the way planet formation works is correct.” ...
First confirmed image of a newborn planet revealed

It certainly could be the formation of a new planet involving dusty plasmas and materials but not from the nebular hypothesis. Will it show in the future how rapidly or nearly instantly a planet could be formed in an Electric Universe

Or is it just a gas giant Jupiter or Saturn type planet? The binary object of the star PDS70 as dwarf stars are the same as our gas giants? The confirmed birth of a planet Venus?

birth formation new planet Venus Jupiter Saturn

Is it the birth of a new planet?

Something has been imaged. The rest are just the implications of theories. Unless the planet was formed in last couple of years?

Dr Dimitris Stamatellos, leader the of the theoretical star formation and exoplanets group at the University of Central Lancashire, was also enthusiastic. “This is an impressive discovery as this is maybe the first unambiguous direct observation of a planet that is caught while still forming within a young protoplanetary disc,” he said.

But, he added, while the discovery has confirmed some theoretical predictions, it has also thrown up a conundrum. “It remains a mystery how such a massive planet can form at this unusual large distance from its parent star,” he said. “The standard planet formation theory has difficulty in explaining this planet.”
First confirmed image of a newborn planet revealed

Similar to the announcement of the gravitational waves of black hole merger sizes that were against theoretical presumptions?

“The special thing about this new planet is that we can directly image it, so the ones by Kepler, for example, they were derived by indirect techniques,” she told the Guardian. “In this case we now have a direct image [of the planet] in its birthplace, which is the circumstellar disc. This is especially important because people have been wondering [for a long time], how these planets actually form and how the dust and the material in this disc forms [into] a planet, and now we can directly observe this.”
First confirmed image of a newborn planet revealed