birkeland currents filaments plasma

Electric sunrise Terminators

Electric sunrise jets and Electric Terminators on comet 67p, comets, asteroids and planets.

The atmosphere of Rosetta’s comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is far from homogeneous. In addition to sudden outbursts of gas and dust, daily recurring phenomena at sunrise can be observed. In these, evaporating gas and entrained dust are concentrated to form jet-like structures.
Rosetta unravels formation of sunrise jets |

sunrise terminators

now identifies the rugged, duck-shaped structure of the comet as the main cause of these jets. Not only do concave regions collimate gas and dust emissions similar to an optical lens, the complex topography also provide some areas of the surface with more sunlight than others.

electric sun terminators and jets

Not quite but getting towards electric universes and plasma cosmologies.

electric sun  terminators and jets

Plasma Terminators

When the Sun rises over a part of the comet, the surface along the terminator almost instantaneously becomes active, first author Dr Xian Shi from MPS describes ‘The jets of gas and dust, which we then observe within the coma, are very reliable: they are found each morning in the same places and in a similar form’

birkeland currents filaments plasma

Electric sun terminators.

Dusty plasma filaments, particle filaments at some solar terminators?