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Shoehominim theories

Shoehorning the interpretations of data to fit and create acceptable conclusions and theories?

shoehorned theory theories ideas thinkingThe discovery of a butchered rhino has led scientists to conclude early humans were in the Philippines as far back as 700,000 years ago… The excavation proves early humans colonised the Philippines hundreds of thousands of years earlier than previously believed, though it is thought these hominims, or ‘Hobbits’, pre-date modern humans, known as homosapiens… It is possible they were homo erectus, who are known to have wandered to present-day China and south-east Asia up to a million years ago or could be their own distinct sub-species.
Butchered rhino suggests humans were in the Philippines 700,000 years ago

Standard chronology and dating methods means these remains have to be that old but these results create peer reviewed implications. But not if carbon dating and other chronologic detection techniques are wrong?

shoe horn theories theory conclusionsUntil recently, it was believed Luzon and the other islands of Wallacea in the Philippines would have been impossible for pre-modern humans to reach, as they would not have boats to cross the deep water. However, the team of researchers, including paleontologist Dr Gerrit Van Den Bergh from the University of Wollongong, said this called for a rethink of how and where early homonims had travelled in south-east Asia.

“Our hypothesis is that the ‘Hobbit’ ancestors came from the north, rather than travelling eastward through Java and Bali,” said Ven Den Bergh, whose work was published in the journal Nature.

“They may have been caught in a tsunami and carried out to sea. Those kinds of freak, random events are probably responsible for these movements of humans and animals. This region is tectonically active so tsunamis are common and there are big ones every hundred years or so.”
Butchered rhino suggests humans were in the Philippines 700,000 years ago

Wallace Line of hominin evolution?

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Could the Wallace Line have anything to do with the changes in humans and animals? Could they be the result of electromagnetic evolution, Morphic Resonance sort of thing? A one off plasma event, a magnetic excursions similar to the Lake Mungo geomagnetic reversals or a slow transformation of humans and lifeforms?