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Mountain of electric geology idols

Are 7 stunning rock pillars in Russia on the small mountain of Electric Universe idols? With strange angles, twists, pipes in them and up to 200 feet high (40 meters), how has this group of isolated megaliths remained and why were they formed?

Manpupuner rock formations

The Manpupuner rock formations are a set of 7 stone pillars located west of the Ural mountains, in the Mansi language – a small mountain of idols. They are also known as the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations and the Poles of the Komi Republic. Their name in the Komi language means Mountain of idols.

The height of the rocks varies between 30 and 42 metres. About 200 million years ago at the location of the stone pillars there were high mountains. Rain, snow, wind, frost and heat gradually eroded the mountains. Solid sericite-quartzite schists, from which the remains are composed, were eroded less and survive today. Soft rocks were destroyed by weathering and carried by water and wind into depressions.

One pillar, 34 meters high, stands somewhat apart from the others. It resembles an inverted bottle. Six others lie at the edge of the cliff.
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Why are their seven giants?

Are they the mysterious remains of a rock outcrop eroded away by harsh weather conditions found near the Arctic Circle?
Are the seven strong men where rotating plasma filaments touched down or went up as the surrounding material was electrical machined away?
Are the hills and rivers there because of these Russian megaliths?

Electric Universe geology mythology

Manpupuner rock formation mythology

Mythical Giants, Big Brother, 7 strong men, Seven Brothers and a Sister.

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The pillars are also called the ‘Seven Giants’ or ‘Seven Strong Men’. According to a local legend, the stone pillars were once an entourage of Samoyeds giants walking through the mountains to Siberia in order to destroy the Mansi people.

However, the men were confronted by a shaman with the white face, called Yallingner, who turned all the warriors into stones. Yallingner himself was turned into a stone, and since then, the seven formations have been standing in the area, with one facing the other six.
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Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner

Local legend has it that they are the remains of seven Samoyed giants. They were on a forced march through the Urals, heading across the mountain ranges to decimate the Vogulsky people. Their Shaman, the largest of the seven, beat a drum to keep his comrades moving relentlessly on towards their quarry. However, he caught sight of the holy Volgulsky Mountains. He let go of his drum and all seven giants froze to the spot.
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According to a legend, Mansi used to be big strong people. Mansi leader had a beautiful daughter. And she had a lover – a fearless young Mansi man. Once, one of the very influential Mansi men wanted to marry her. But she refused him. Then the influential Mansi and his brothers decided to attack the boy and kill him during a hunting trip.

The girl learned about the horrible plans, and the two lovers decided to run away and ran all night. But the terrible brothers caught up with them at dawn. Then the young man called for help the powerful spirits of Mansi, to whom he always brought trophies after each successful hunt.

The spirits thanked the young man – the rays of the rising sun reflected off the youngster’s shield and turned the influential warrior into a stone. His six brothers tried to flee, but they could not go very far, and they, too, were turned to stones by the spirits of Mansi where they still stand to this day.
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