Orions Belt 3 Magi Kings from the East

3 Kings or Stars from the East? Birth of the Sun?

Could the three Biblical Magi be Kings of Eastern Stars that rise up near Christmas time and the winter solstice? Some suggest the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt might be the Kings from the East.

Orions Belt 3 Magi Kings from the East

Could the Sun be born, or, after dying for a day or so it is then rebirthed? Kevin, yes that Kevin whose first name alone in forums brings either exasperation or sheer delight, describing the lattices in his universe.

Just been looking at Orion through a skylight, its due south from here.
I am detecting a standstill in flows right now.10.30 pm gmt.
The sun settles for three days now(dies) and then rises up again ( re-born)
Which is what all of this xmas stuff is about?
I can make out all of the hunters design, it’s a clear and cold night here, with a bright star in the south.
Kevin | Everything Is Electric forum

At both solstices the Sun appears to slow and stop its daily journey across the horizon, it pauses and then appears to reverse direction across the landscape. Orion’s Belt appears to spin upwards from the East. But everything should be open to interpretation.

Holy Trinity Orion Belt Star

Some suggest that various star formations including Orion’s Belt, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Procyon, form the Holy Trinity (Winter Triangle), the Christmas Star and other religous or mythology related theories.

In plasma based mythological cosmology they could have been anything, if they were actually anything that happened, whenever exactly it might have happened.

If you propose any radical changes in planets orbits/rotations then the Belt of Orion may not have even been located there, or now is in relatively new place. Even recent small movements in Earth’s inclination would alter megalithic calendars.

Plasma cosmology and mythology

A God planet giving birth to plasmoids, plasma instabilities, electric comets etc…?

Three Magi, the moving or stationary Star of Bethlehem, the birth of a God, heavenly objects depicted from someone’s memory with halo’s or glowing spheres around their heads – as above, so below?

But if the Dark Universe can keep going as long as it is somehow theoretically possible, no matter what it takes to drag it along, then there is the possibility that it really was the birth of the Son of The Christian God, back whenever it was. With Angels and heavenly choirs. Either way in my Universe, what a sight to behold.