Brainless Embryos Suggest Bioelectricity Guides Growth

The growing Body Electric

The news title is Brainless Embryos Suggest Bioelectricity Guides Growth. If that does not conduce resonance with Morphic Fields then you might want to throw the article down your gravity, well The Body Electric Universe?

electricity life dna“Where does shape come from? What makes an elephant different from a snake?” he asked. DNA can make proteins inside cells, he said, but “there is nothing in the genome that directly specifies anatomy.” To develop properly, he maintains, tissues need spatial cues that must come from other sources in the embryo. At least some of that guidance, he and his team believe, is electrical.

In recent years, by working on tadpoles and other simple creatures, Levin’s laboratory has amassed evidence that the embryo is molded by bioelectrical signals, particularly ones that emanate from the young brain long before it is even a functional organ.

Those results, if replicated in other organisms, may change our understanding of the roles of electrical phenomena and the nervous system in development, and perhaps more widely in biology.
Brainless Embryos Suggest Bioelectricity Guides Growth | Wired

Not developed brain or senses interpreting non standard sensory inputs?

Bioelectric theory of development

Electrical lifeBut it’s not just the brain that uses bioelectric signaling – the whole body does. All cell membranes have embedded ion channels, protein pores that act as pathways for charged molecules, or ions.

Differences between the number of ions inside and outside a cell result in an electric gradient – the cell’s resting potential. Vary this potential by opening or blocking the ion channels, and you change the signals transmitted to, from and among the cells all around…

According to Masayuki Yamashita of the International University of Health and Welfare in Japan, many researchers forget that every living cell, not just neurons, generates electric potentials across the cell membrane. “This electrical signal works as an environmental cue for intercellular communication, orchestrating cell behaviors during morphogenesis and regeneration,” he said.
Brainless Embryos Suggest Bioelectricity Guides Growth | Wired

The brain creating information and also receiving extra-external data as some suggest this organ does?

The body Electric Universe?

Bioelectro animals and electromagnetic life. Eggs that form male or female body features variations depending on temperature.

The brain antenna and something more bioelectromagnetic – energy transformers, feedback systems, information transformers, biological tank circuits…

Morphic Fields Resonance genes“Applied electricity in earlier experiments directly interacts with something in cells, triggering their responses,” he said. But what it was interacting with and how the responses were triggered were mysteries.

That’s what led Levin and his colleagues to start tinkering with the resting potential of cells. By changing the voltage of cells in flatworms, over the last few years they produced worms with two heads, or with tails in unexpected places. In tadpoles, they reprogrammed the identity of large groups of cells at the level of entire organs, making frogs with extra legs and changing gut tissue into eyes – simply by hacking the local bioelectric activity that provides patterning information.

And because the brain and nervous system are so conspicuously active electrically, the researchers also began to probe their involvement in long-distance patterns of bioelectric information affecting development.

In 2015, Levin, his postdoc Vaibhav Pai, and other collaborators showed experimentally that bioelectric signals from the body shape the development and patterning of the brain in its earliest stages. By changing the resting potential in the cells of tadpoles as far from the head as the gut, they appeared to disrupt the body’s “blueprint” for brain development. The resulting tadpoles’ brains were smaller or even nonexistent, and brain tissue grew where it shouldn’t.
Brainless Embryos Suggest Bioelectricity Guides Growth | Wired

Ancient electrocultures using electromagnetic forces to change grains, nuts, seeds – using conducting and resisting megalithic structures and earthworks. Electric fertilization and evolution of livestock.

Healing and energizing of electrical humans.