St Bennetts stone Cross Gorleston

St. Benet’s Stone Cross or St. Bennett’s at Gorleston-On-Sea?

There was a significant religious St Bennett’s Cross situated in old Gorleston. Its location or at least the remains of this antiquity, marked on older Ordnance Survey Maps beside St Andrew’s Church roundabout on the Church Lane and Church Road corner.

St Bennett’s stone Cross, also spelt St Benett’s, was drawn on OS maps into at least the 1950’s. There were other very old and large stone Crosses in Gorleston Parish.

St. Bennett’s Cross (Remains of) 1883 Map.

St Bennetts stone Cross Gorleston-On-Sea

St. Bennett's Cross, Gorleston

St. Benett’s stone Cross (Site of) 1904 Map.

St Bennet's stone Cross, Gorleston

Saint Benetts stone Cross Gorleston Map

St. Benett’s Cross (Site of) 1926 Map.

St Bennett's stone Cross Gorleston

St. Benet's Cross, Gorleston

The 1926 OS Map, revised 1938 version, removes any name tag or description of this Christian symbol. Now Saint Benett’s Christian stone Cross has been reduced to just a map symbol “+” (Antiquities, Site of).

St Benet's Cross Abbey Norfolk Gorleston

+ Cross, Site of 1926 Map but the revised 1946 print at least gives it some dignity back with a bit of a title.

St Benett's stone Cross Gorleston

+ Cross (Site of) 1926 Map with 1946 additions, published 1951.

Christian stone Crosses England Norfolk

Other maps of old Gorleston showing Bennett’s Cross.

Gorleston Saint Bennett's Cross

Gorleston Saint Bennett's Cross

Gorleston Saint Bennett's Cross

Gorleston Saint Bennett's Cross