contact binary theory Ultima Thule Arrokoth

The flattening of Ultima Thule and contact binary theory

The very slow speed collision then sticking and melting together of contact binaries theory was not original predicted and is still unexplainable for the flattened shape of Ultima Thule lobes.

This was the first trans-Neptunian object other than the planetary systems we have photographed and done a fly by. It is absolutely guaranteed that lots more TNO’s like Arrokoth (Ultima Thule) will be even weirder and totally unexplainable.

contact binary theory Ultima Thule Arrokoth

A pronounced bi-lobed shape is also known from some comets. However, there is no other known body that is as flat as Arrokoth. Did Arrokoth already look like this when it was created? Or did its shape develop gradually?

We like to think of the Kuiper Belt as a region where time has more or less stood still since the birth of the Solar System, explains Dr. Ladislav Rezac.

More than four billion kilometers away from the Sun, the bodies of the Kuiper Belt have remained frozen and unchanged, so is the common belief. New Horizon’s images of Arrokoth challenge this idea by its apparently smooth surface without signs of frequent cratering events and by its peculiar, flattened shape. Scientists assume that the Solar System was formed 4.6 billion years ago from a disk of dust: the particles from this nebula agglomerated into ever larger clumps; these clumps collided and merged into even larger bodies.

There is as yet no explanation as to how a body as flat as Arrokoth could emerge from this process, says Rezac.
Flattening of a snowman | Max Planck Institute for Solar System

contact binary theory Ultima Thule Arrokoth

Science models relating to nebular hypothesis and geomorphology – which again did not predict or can not easily explain anything we have found on extra terrestrial planets, moons, asteroids or active asteroids (comets) – has to be in massive doubt and is not correct.

A good theory should be able to predict even just 1 original non Earth based geological model correct in decades?

It appears to be an unfalsifiable thesis as not matter what nature keeps showing scientists they just keep modifying what has 100% failed.