Electric Plasma Universe

The infinite effects of the Gravity or Magnetoelectric Universe?

2 of the 4 fundamental forces are suggested to have an infinite range of effect, action at an infinite distance. These are the mysterious Universal Constant forces that are Gravity and the perhaps slightly more understood forces that are electromagnetic in nature.

The infinite effects of the Gravity or Magnetoelectric Universe

Electricity and magnetism are closely related: Power lines generate a magnetic field, rotating magnets in a generator produce electricity. However, the phenomenon is much more complicated: electrical and magnetic properties of certain materials are also coupled with each other.

Electrical properties of some crystals can be influenced by magnetic fields—and vice versa. In this case one speaks of a magnetoelectric effect.

A special material was investigated for which, at first glance, no magnetoelectric effect would be expected at all. But careful experiments have now shown that the effect can be observed in this material, it only works completely differently than usual.

It can be controlled in a highly sensitive way: Even small changes in the direction of the magnetic field can switch the electrical properties of the material to a completely different state.
Physicists discover new magnetoelectric effect | Phys.org

I am a betting man. Sometimes I even like a drunken gamble. There is a difference.

In this paper, we analyze 20 years of proton density and velocity data, as recorded by the SOHO satellite, and the worldwide seismicity in the corresponding period, as reported by the ISC-GEM catalogue.

We found clear correlation between proton density and the occurrence of large earthquakes (M > 5.6), with a time shift of one day. The significance of such correlation is very high, with probability to be wrong lower than 10–5. The correlation increases with the magnitude threshold of the seismic catalogue.

A tentative model explaining such a correlation is also proposed, in terms of the reverse piezoelectric effect induced by the applied electric field related to the proton density. This result opens new perspectives in seismological interpretations, as well as in earthquake forecast.
On the correlation between solar activity and large earthquakes worldwide
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Even though it is supposedly around only 4% plasma universe according to someone else’s Peers, I am betting everything on that infinity and scalability of electromagnetic plasma cosmology being more correcter.

Most of this radiation would be emitted by dark matter haloes too small to contain stars and future gamma-ray observatories might be able to detect these emissions, making these small objects individually or collectively ‘visible’. This would confirm the hypothesized nature of the dark matter, which may not be entirely dark after all.

Most of the matter in the universe is dark (apart from the gamma radiation they emit in exceptional circumstances) and completely different in nature from the matter that makes up stars, planets and people.

The universe is made of approximately 27 percent dark matter with the rest largely consisting of the equally mysterious dark energy. Normal matter, such as planets and stars, makes up a relatively small five percent of the universe.
Zooming in on dark matter | Phys.org

The infinite observable range of dusty plasmas or the weakest of the fundamental forces, the mystery King Gravity? Place your bets.

 effects of the Magnetoelectric Universe

The gravitational constant is a physical constant that is difficult to measure with high accuracy. This is because the gravitational force is an extremely weak force as compared to other fundamental forces.
Value and uncertainty of the Gravitational constant | Wikipedia

As repeated ad nauseam it is at least an 95% observable electromagnetic plasma universe.

Electric Plasma Universe

Gravity: Of the fundamental forces, gravity has the farthest reach, but it’s the weakest in actual magnitude.

It is a purely attractive force which reaches through even the “empty” void of space to draw two masses toward each other. It keeps the planets in orbit around the sun and the moon in orbit around the Earth.

Gravitation is described under the theory of general relativity, which defines it as the curvature of spacetime around an object of mass. This curvature, in turn, creates a situation where the path of least energy is toward the other object of mass.

Electromagnetism: Electromagnetism is the interaction of particles with an electrical charge. Charged particles at rest interact through electrostatic forces, while in motion they interact through both electrical and magnetic forces.

For a long time, the electric and magnetic forces were considered to be different forces, but they were finally unified by James Clerk Maxwell in 1864, under Maxwell’s equations. In the 1940s, quantum electrodynamics consolidated electromagnetism with quantum physics.

Electromagnetism is perhaps the most prevalent force in our world, as it can affect things at a reasonable distance and with a fair amount of force.
The 4 Fundamental Forces of Physics | ThoughtCo

How is infinite Gravity the weakest fundamental force but seemingly the most important of them when it comes to the formation of the universe?

Did you know that gravity is the weakest force in the universe? Well, it’s true! There are four fundamental forces (that we know of) in our universe: Strong Nuclear, Electromagnetic, Weak Nuclear and Gravitational. The strongest one is the Strong Nuclear force, which is responsible for keeping the nuclei of atoms together. About one hundred times weaker than the strong nuclear force is the electromagnetic one. This is the strongest force that we experience in our everyday lives…

The weakest of all is the Gravitational force. In fact, Gravitational force is 10 thousand billion billion billion billion times weaker than the Electromagnetic force. Well, it sort of makes sense because if the Gravitational force were stronger than the Electromagnetic one, we would fall right through the floor!
The Weakest Force | ScienceIQ

If you modelled a version on the other infinity and beyond fundamental force would it be more like an electro-magnetic plasma universe?

electromagnetic universe

Perhaps that other missing 95% Dark force and matter is from the ElectricMagneto Universe? Or whatever energy, forces, universe may turn out to be because the reality of the layers and influences will be mind blowing. Although today some folk seem to naturally feel the interconnections, like Kevin’s Electric Universe Lattice.