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According to theoretical calculations

Strongest magnetic field in universe directly detected by X-ray space observatory are the interpretation of data and the mathematics from the Peer Review Universe. But it really, really, really does depend on the construct of your Universe.

If it is over 1 billion Tesla then more natural electromagnetic plasma processes can help start to explain it.

magnetic field of 1 billion Tesla

Whatever your conclusions it shows that NASA’s (electro) Magnetic Universe is gathering force to overpower that old and weak Gravity’s Universe.

The Insight-HXMT team has performed extensive observations of the accreting X-ray pulsar GRO J1008-57 and has discovered a magnetic field of ~1 billion Tesla on the surface of the neutron star. This is the strongest magnetic field conclusively detected in the universe.

According to theoretical calculations, the magnetic field that corresponds to this CRSF is up to 1 billion Tesla, which is tens of millions of times stronger than what can be generated in Earth laboratories.
Strongest magnetic field in universe directly detected by X-ray space observatory |

Could it not be the biggest (electro) magnetic forces calculated in the Universe? A lot of modern dark matter multipliers and unknowns in there, including their unobservable 95% of matter.

electromagnetic universe

If those magnetic forces are over one billion Tesla in strength then observable and scalable plasma cosmology structures could be an answer – Synchrotron radiation, Electron cyclotron resonance, electromagnetic plasmas, plasmoids, z pinches, Birkeland currents etc.

magnetic universe forces

A cyclotron resonant scattering feature (CRSF) is detected with very high statistical significance at a centroid energy of (number) keV, for the reference continuum and line models, HIGHECUT and GABS, respectively. Detection is very robust with respect to different continuum models. The line energy is significantly higher than what is suggested from previous observations, which provided very marginal evidence for the line. This establishes a new record for the centroid energy of a fundamental CRSF observed in accreting pulsars.
Insight-HXMT Firm Detection of the Highest-energy Fundamental Cyclotron Resonance Scattering Feature in the Spectrum of GRO J1008-57

magnetic universe

magnetic universe