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Zombie insects: Cockroaches zombified by wasps

Another example of the surreal world of zombie insects. Two stings from a parasitic wasp, in different sections of a cockroaches, one in body and one direct into the brain, allows the wasp to take control of the roach.

Amazingly if the whole process does not produce the desired end result within a week then the zombies live and seems unaffected by the temporary zombified state.

zombie insects emerald cockroach waspsAn emerald cockroach wasp (Ampulex compressa) can control the minds of roaches with a sting of its venom.

When looking for a host, one of these parasitic wasps will start by stinging the midsection of a roach, and their toxic venom will paralyze the animal’s front legs for five minutes. With a secondary strike, the wasp will go directly for the brain, where the sting will induce an intense 30-minute period of vigorous grooming. After that, the roach falls into a lethargic state – called hypokinesia – in which it can’t move by its own will.
The Mind-controlling Molecules of Wasp Venom Could Help Future Parkinson’s Research | National Geographic

You can lead a cockroach to water

emerald cockroach wasp Ampulex compressa zombie cockroaches“They’re not paralyzed,” says Michael Adams, a professor of entomology and neuroscience at the University of California, Riverside. “The animal can walk if it’s led by the wasp.”

The wasp will then lead its hypokinesic victim by the antennae into a burrow. There, it will lay an egg inside its prey, which will grow in the cockroach for the next seven to 10 days. Finally, the larva will burst out, eating the cockroach from the inside out….

Interestingly enough, if the wasp doesn’t lay an egg inside its host, then the cockroach can recover in days. The roach’s zombie-like state lasts about the same amount of time it takes for the wasp larva to hatch. “If we don’t allow the wasp to lay an egg, [the cockroach] recovers in about a week and it seems to be quite normal,”
The Mind-controlling Molecules of Wasp Venom Could Help Future Parkinson’s Research | National Geographic

zombie insects animals Jewel wasp American cockroach
Jewel wasp (Ampulex compressa) leading American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) prey to nest by antennae

How did this zombie wasp/cockroach originate? How would two very different insects, zombie animals communicate with each other or how would the emerald cockroach wasps have knowledge to take control, without killing, the host?

Access to universal knowledge?

In order to reproduce, the emerald jewel wasp must somehow lead its much larger victim to a chamber, glue an egg to the cockroach in just the right spot, and seal the chamber with debris. The host, which could dig its way out, must instead remain passively in the chamber while it is slowly eaten alive by the developing wasp larva.
Cockroaches Karate Kick Parasitoid Wasps to Avoid Becoming Zombies | Sci News

Akashic universal information zombie

The amazing luck of evolution? Or Halls of Records, Akashic Library, Gaia type information systems available to the natural world and insects?