black holes Hourglass Nebula

Still black, still holes?

How can black holes emit more molecular plasma material than gravity attracting in? Why are active centres a power active white? Are black holes torus shaped electromagnetic plasmoids, similar in shape to the Hourglass Nebula?

black holes Hourglass Nebula

Black holes can expel a thousand times more matter than they capture. The mechanism that governs both ejection and capture is the accretion disk, a vast mass of gas and dust spiraling around the black hole at extremely high speeds. The disk is hot and emits light as well as other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Part of the orbiting matter is pulled toward the center and disappears behind the event horizon, the threshold beyond which neither matter nor light can escape. Another, much larger, part is pushed further out by the pressure of the radiation emitted by the disk itself.
Researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes |

There was a time when the Universe could only possibly but incredibly unlikely have only 1 black hole. People were terrified into believing and funding research, safe in the knowledge that nothing as silly could exist in what was a wondrous but seemingly natural universe.

black hole torus plasma

The Black Hole would suck everything in and would in theory suck into itself the whole known universe.

blackholes do not exist

This single black hole would be the death of the universe.

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The intricate outflow of NGC 4151 is revisited in light of the results found for NGC 1068, in a previous work, and a very similar dynamic is found: the low-velocity [Fe ii] emission depicts the glowing walls of an hourglass structure, while the high-velocity gas fills its volume.

A molecular outflow is detected for the first time in this galaxy and, just like in NGC 1068, the transition between the molecular and the ionized gas phases comes from the fragmentation of molecular cavity walls into bullets of ionized gas exposed to the central source. Furthermore, it is suggestive that the same geometrical dichotomy between the cones seen in NGC 1068 is found here, with one side, where the cavity is disrupted by the Active galactic nucleus, being more extended than the other.

Finally, a new spatial correlation between the high-velocity [Fe ii] and the soft X-ray emission of [Ne ix] is found, which is unexpected given the difference between their ionization potentials.
The nuclear architecture of NGC 4151: on the path toward a universal outflow mechanism in light of NGC 1068

Now it is suggested they are everywhere you find galactic activity and plasma creation. These black hole centres are energetic white. They electromagnetically accelerate chemical elements to near light speed through and along its 2 opposite astrophysical jets, away from the seemingly white holes.

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But you have no need for dark matter if Gravity and electromagnetic light are not a universal Constant, you can then naturally interpret the Galaxy rotation curve problem.

black hole plasmoid

Some Plasma Cosmology and/or Electric Universe options to AGN and black holes:
Active galactic nucleus and black holes are toroidal plasmoids.
Relativistic jets are plasma filaments, Birkeland currents. They should have counter rotating layers, with electromagnetic sorting of chemical elements.
Electric transmutation of elements in the plasmas and not from inside a star.