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Mass human migrations and interbreeding due to catastrophes and conquests? Local rapid transformations of DNA or global changes in mankind genetics?

Multiple multiple waves of genetically unique and new humanoids?

Not L3 Out of Africa, or if it is then why or what was the electromagnetic trigger transmutation of those original African genes?

•Asian genomes carry introgressed DNA from Denisovans and Neanderthals
•East Asians show evidence of introgression from two distinct Denisovan populations
•South Asians and Oceanians carry introgression from one Denisovan population

Summary: Anatomically modern humans interbred with Neanderthals and with a related archaic population known as Denisovans.
Analysis of Human Sequence Data Reveals Two Pulses of Archaic Denisovan Admixture

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The Wallace Line, the Australian Mungo Lake magnetic excursion, Mungo Man – electromagnetic events changing the basic forms?

DNA DenisovanLack of Evidence for Multiple Waves of Neanderthal Ancestry:
The frequency of Neanderthal introgression is substantially higher (∼30%) in East Asians than in Europeans. This difference cannot be explained by differential effects of selection, but could be due to an additional Neanderthal admixture event into the ancestors of East Asians after the Europe-Asia split. Another possible explanation would be dilution of Neanderthal admixture in Europe due to migration from a population without Neanderthal admixture.

In our results, the Neanderthal-introgressed segments in East Asians and in Europeans show indistinguishable levels of similarity to the Altai Neanderthal. There is also no clear difference between East Asians and Europeans in the similarity of their Neanderthal-introgressed segments to the Vindija 33.19 Neanderthal. Thus, if the ancestors of East Asians received a large pulse of Neanderthal admixture after splitting from Europeans, then the original (shared Eurasian) and additional (East Asian-specific) admixing populations must have been closely related.
Analysis of Human Sequence Data Reveals Two Pulses of Archaic Denisovan Admixture

Do Not Assume?

These DNA Ghosts in the Machine may not have even existed apart from in algorithms and the theories of origin of the human species.

 L3 Out of Africa DenisovansThe genomes of modern Papuan individuals contain approximately 5% Denisovan ancestry. We also knew Denisovan ancestry is present to a lesser degree throughout Asia. The assumption was that the ancestry in Asia was achieved through migration, coming from Oceanian populations.

But in this new work with East Asians, we find a second set of Denisovan ancestry that we do not find in the South Asians and Papuans. This Denisovan ancestry in East Asians seems to be something they acquired themselves.

“The assumption is that admixing with Denisovans occurred fairly quickly after humans moved out of Africa, around 50,000 years ago, but we do not know where in terms of location,” she said.

Perhaps the ancestors of Oceanians admixed with a southern group of Denisovans while the ancestors of East Asians admixed with a northern group.
Humans Interbred with Denisovans Twice in History, Researchers Discover | Sci News

Many possible theoretical alternatives including Electric Universe theory of extra terrestrial dumping or transportation of material and lifeforms due to plasma catastrophism?

Old common ideas about seeding, breeding with other human like species from other planets such as Mars or from outside the solar system?

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies view

the most interesting aspect of this paper is that they admit there is no trace of modern human genes in late Neanderthals – anywhere. They are forced to add the caveat – it may be that gene flow was unidirectional, from Neanderthals to modern humans (but not the reverse). That is one way of getting out of jail I suppose but who is going to fall for it?

If Neanderthals passed some of their genes on to modern humans but the latter did not pass any genetic material in the other direction this can only mean the story is a little more complicated than anthropologists are willing to admit. There was a bottleneck. Neanderthals died out – or nearly so. The survivors passed their genes on to modern humans.

Modern humans are either the descendants of the few Neanderthal survivors or modern humans are a new group of people that entered Europe after the demise of the Neanderthals (or the vast majority of them).
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