Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner stacks

Twisting by the Pole

The rock cudgel of Hercules is a remarkable limestone formation in Poland that looks partly twisted. The Maczuga Herkulesa rock in Ojców National Park seems partly similar to the awe inspiring Russian stacks on their small mountain of the (Rock) Idols.

Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner pillars

Maczuga Herkulesa is a tall (30 meters) limestone stack situated in Ojców National Park near Pieskowa Skała, north of Kraków in southern Poland. Its name, in Polish, means the cudgel (or bludgeon) of Hercules, due to its distinctive shape.
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Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner stacks

Twisting my melons man

Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner Zhangjiajie

Maczuga Herkulesa, the rock club of Hercules, could be seen as part of the twisting my melon man geological processes, vortex geology in an electric plasma universe.

Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner

The Manpupuner rock formations in Russia some have spiralling lines and also a grouping of rock pillars, a feature of the Ojców National Park and its White Hand rock (Skała Biała Ręka).

Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

In China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park there are some tall columns of rock, some appear to be swirling upwards or downwards.