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Lightning Standing Stone Circles

Are some megalithic standing stone cicles designed and constructed to attract lightning strikes? Archaeology survey near Callanish say yes. But why would they need it?

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A geophysical survey around one of the stones has astonished archaeologists by revealing a star-shaped pattern formed by one, or possibly multiple, earth-shaking lightning strikes. New technology has exposed a clear pattern covering an area of up to 20 metres in diameter, buried until now beneath peat bogs.

Geophysical techniques have mapped buried features and the new evidence shows that this 1.5-metre-high stone was originally part of another circle with the lightning strike pattern at its centre. The stones’ original positions have been revealed as magnetic anomalies in the survey.

“It does rather look as if lightning was part of the game in creating this stone circle.”
Lucky strike? How lightning inspired builders of Callanish | The Guardian

Were megalightning bolts from the heavens such an accepted event that they built structures fit for that purpose?

Thunderbolts of the Gods

The area immediately around the single extant stone shows as a higher conductivity signature, particularly in the Mini-Explorer data.
Geophysical Investigation of the Neolithic Calanais Landscape

To act as a safety lightning rod, or, to conduct natural electrical energy to the local land and environment? Electric and electroculture standing stone circles and megalith earthworks.

Jove Jupiter Zeus lightning bolts

At site XI, near the Callanish standing stones, have the electromagnetic standing stones previously done their job and a megabolt of lightning already discharged at an older structure beside it?

Cosmic thunderbolts from the planet God Kings?

Remember what Jove used as a weapon – lightning bolts. This is something which occurs in a number of religions.
Lucky strike? How lightning inspired builders of Callanish | The Guardian

Thunderbolts from the planetary Gods is a common mythological theme around the world. How or why would ancient civilisations suggest those tiny dots in the sky would and did blast each other and create war on planet Earth?

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Comparative plasma mythology has suggested for decades that local and planetary catastrophes and conflagrations were sometimes as a result of the warring gods.

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During the Titanomakhy, when Zeus was at war against Cronus and the Titans, he released his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, along with the Cyclops and Hecatoncheires. In turn, the Cyclopes gave Zeus the thunderbolt, a weapon of lightning that was imbued with the power over the sky.

The thunderbolt became a popular symbol of Zeus and continues to be today. Zeus and Zeus alone uses the thunderbolt (unlike the Trident which is used not only by Poseidon, Amphitrite and Triton).
Zeus’ Lightning Bolt |

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The electrical plasma discharge looking photographs are ‘painting with light’ by Synflame from A different view of the Callanish Stones.

Airigh na Beinne Bige stone circles

Airigh na Beinne Bige stone circle

Evidence of a ‘massive’ lightning strike has been found at the centre of a stone circle in the Western Isles.

A single large strike, or many smaller ones on the same spot, left a star-shaped magnetic anomaly at the 4,000-year-old site in Lewis.

Scientists made the discovery at Site XI or Airigh na Beinne Bige, a hillside stone circle now consisting of a single standing stone.

Scientists said the lightning strike, which was indentified in a geophysics survey, could show a potential link between the construction of ancient stone circles and the forces of nature.

Dr Richard Bates, of the University of St Andrews, said: Such clear evidence for lightning strikes is extremely rare in the UK and the association with this stone circle is unlikely to be coincidental.
However, this remarkable evidence suggests that the forces of nature could have been intimately linked with everyday life and beliefs of the early farming communities on the island.
Lewis stone circle has star-shaped lightning strike | BBC

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The gneiss typically shows distinctive banding (foliation) of biotite and hornblende minerals, which sometimes occur as distinct cm or dm ‘augen’ or eye-shaped concentrations.Geophysical Investigation of the Neolithic Calanais Landscape

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Localised transmutation of chemical elements?

The section shows generally lower resistivity at depth to the north, and high resistivity to the south. From the ground surface to approximately 0.5 m depth, intermediate resistivity (100–150 ohm.m) was measured. To the north, across the peat area, the lower resistivity corresponds to the high conductivity areas shown by the CMD Explorer.
Geophysical Investigation of the Neolithic Calanais Landscape

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