Rolf Witzsche plasma core planets Earth

Witzsche’s plasma astrophysics and planet’s plasma cores

Rolf Witzsche video’s exploring his theories on plasma cosmology and planets having a plasma core.

Witzsche has scheduled his YouTube video’s for everyday over the 2019 Christmas period, finishing on New Years Day. They start daily at 23:00 GMT (UK time) and 18:00 EST (USA time).

Evidence in Plasma Astrophysics suggest that the core of the Earth is a sphere of plasma that is electro-dynamically active, In this case the core was not formed of primordial dust, but was formed as an accumulation of plasma within the heliospheric current sheet.
Earth’s Plasma Core: Extraordinary Evidence in Plasma Astrophysics | Rolf Witzsche

History tells us that nearly all of the great cultural achievements of mankind were wrought in times of high-volumes of cosmic-ray flux, and that inversely all the big wars occurred in times that were lean in cosmic-ray flux.

The close coincidence between the two suggests that a Plasma Astrophysical cause stands behind both phenomena, with amazing implications for our near future.
Extraordinary Cosmic rays and Metaphysics | Rolf Witzsche 21 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

In the past, the level of the solar activity has been measured in sunspot numbers. But now that solar activity is rapidly weakening, so that sunspots no longer occur for long periods to be counted, what yardsticks do we have available to measure solar activity below the zero-sunspot threshold?
Neutrons Solar Radio Flux | Rolf Witzsche 22 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

Rolf Witzsche plasma core planets Earth

The answer is that we have vastly greater resources of cosmic eclectic energy available to us than we may ever need, which can never be depleted, which we merely need to learn to utilize in order to have a bright and infinite future.
Cosmic Electric Energy | Rolf Witzsche 23 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

Science is not immune to political intentions that aim to pervert and disable some vital aspects of science that are incompatible with the ruling imperial objectives. Long wars have been fought in the background against the leading developments of science, especially against Plasma Astrophysics.
Science against Science | Rolf Witzsche 24 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

But China, with its long cultural and scientific tradition might be an exception. It may see what no one cares enough to see, and thus may create itself solutions to save its existence, its future, and the future of humanity with it.
The Belt and Road becomes World Bridge | Rolf Witzsche 25 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

solves a long-standing paradox in mainstream science about the makeup of the Earth. It introduces the concept of the Plasma Core as a universally reflected principle for the Earth, the planets, and the Sun.
Plasma Core Earth: The Science | Rolf Witzsche 26 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

The video explores the close coincidence of world-historic earthquakes and volcanoes with high levels of solar cosmic-ray flux… The third period for exploration extends deep into the past, where the same coincidence is apparent between volcanic eruption and solar cosmic-ray flux.
Plasma Core Segment 2: Volcanoes and the Plasma Core | Rolf Witzsche 27 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

The video explores a solution for the long-standing paradox in mainstream science, posed by the largest dinosaurs, weighing up to 260,000 pounds (half the weight of a large jumbo jetliner), who lived on land and walked on four legs.
Plasma Core Segment 3: Dinosaurs, Plasma Core, and the Sun | Rolf Witzsche 28 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

#2 ‘Unlimited’ freshwater from the core of the Earth (Primary Water). #3 ‘Unlimited’ gas and oil energy resources from the core of the Earth.
Water, Gas, and Oil: Plasma Core Resources, part 1 | Rolf Witzsche 29 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

#1 CO2 and Oxygen, not from the Earth. #2 CO2 from the Sun. Oxygen from CO2
#3 CO2 depletion. Atmospheric CO2 renewal.
CO2 and Oxygen: Plasma Core Resources, part 2 | Rolf Witzsche 30 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

#1 The ‘miracle’ molecules for life – Water, CO2, and Nitrogen. #2 Sulphur dioxide, potential cause for mass extinction events. #3 The measured CO2 historic density, related to solar activity, not volcanic activity.
Miracle Planet: Plasma Core Resources, part 3 | Rolf Witzsche 31 December 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST

We are looking at 3 distinct processes of the Ice Age unfolding in the escalating climate change on the road to the Ice Age. The critical phase is Phase 1, the phase of the climate collapse that devastates agriculture as the Earth gets colder and drier, year after year, for the next 15 years.
Ice Age 2050s Certified | Rolf Witzsche 1 January 23:00 GMT and 18:00 EST