Dusty Plasma Galaxies

Electromagnetic dusty plasmas spiralling around Galaxies, electrochemical elements flowing through galactic magnetic structures.

NASA's Magnetic Universe interprets The [electro]Magnetic Fields of Spiral Galaxy M77 as:

Electromagnetic Dusty Plasma Galaxies cosmology cosmonogy

Explanation: Can magnetic fields help tell us how spiral galaxies form and evolve? To find out, the HAWC+ instrument on NASA's airborne (747) SOFIA observatory observed nearby spiral galaxy M77.

HAWC+ maps magnetism by observing polarized infrared light emitted by elongated dust grains rotating in alignment with the local magnetic field.

The HAWC+ image shows that magnetic fields do appear to trace the spiral arms in the inner regions of M77, arms that likely highlight density waves in the inflowing gas, dust and stars caused by ...
The Magnetic Fields of Spiral Galaxy M77 | NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

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