Monty Childs Electricity is the primal force of nature universe

Monty Childs: Electricity is the primal force of nature

The Electric View of Monty Childs head of the SAFIRE Project (high density plasma experiments to test the Electric Anode Sun hypothesis) stated that the primal force of nature is electricity.

That is what we said happened with the Electric Universe. That we think now we were able to put our name behind it to say that we think the primal force is, if not the primal force in nature is electricity.

At least a force that needs to be reckoned with in that context, in the sense that we think the electrical force in nature is the primal force now. I would say that is what the evidence shows.
Montegomery Childs | The Electric View Live – The Safire Project with Monty Childs

Monty suggests the SAFIRE Reactor technology could be used to treat nuclear waste, in a much cleaner process. Their conclusions from laboratory work suggest plasma can act as an electromagnetic catalyst and theoretically you can accelerated remediation. Not just of radioactive waste material but of other chemical elements.

The Electric View video is a rare opportunity to hear from the leader of SAFIRE, while he also answers questions from those watching. Even delving into team presentations to display relevant images, plasma stability and discharge videos, experimental data and discussion to help answer viewers chat.

Any Electric Universe potential differences?

The SAFIRE Project, at the moment, appears to have not falsified one main part of the Thunderbolts Group’s Electric Universe theories, which is the Positive Electric Star model. That the plasma Sun is powered externally from electromagnetic forces.

Montegomery Childs safire project

The potential of the, hopefully repeatable, empirical data and evidence has not falsified the more exotic implications of some peoples EU predictions. Such as non or low thermal energy transmutation of elements.

Monty Childs Electricity is the primal force of nature universe

While most EUT followers and part time investigators were hoping SAFIRE would not falsify their personal favourite non nuclear fission scenarios, such as New Chronology geology through transmutation of chemical elements into carbon 14, Mr M Childs, being an Engineer, Grandpa, Unorthodox Christian, may have helped discover then thought a bit more of a practical way to potentially help the world, through non nuclear transmutation than changing our history timeline.