Wallace Thornhill Electric Universe video Leak Project

Wallace Thornhill interview on Leak Project

Wallace Thornhill was interviewed live by the Leak Project and you can watch the video. This is the perfect introduction and infoduction to the Electric Universe theories and their implications. At times there were over 600 viewers watching live and in less than 24 hours there have been over 6,000 views of the video.

Wallace Thornhill interview Leak Project

With the SAFIRE Project tentatively confirming the Thunderbolts Anode Electric Sun model, the plasma gloves are now off and Wal can even more confidently jab, upper cut, right hook, body blow, what he considers the now ludicrous ideas and implications of the modern Peer Review galaxies.

No need for Dark Matter if G not Constant galaxy curve rotation

This is classic Thornhill and in an hours chat he covers the main basics of the EU theory, how it applies to his teams versions of Plasma Cosmology, mythology, chronology etc. This really is a great beginners guide to the Thunderbolts Group of models.

Wallace Thornhill video Leak Project

Wallace even goes into the more exotic implications of an electromagnetic plasma universe, what he really seems to enjoy but due to his senior position of responsibility, is not encouraged to discuss them as much. Near the end he mentions instantaneous connections between all things in the universe and access to universal information.

Anthony Peratt is quoted as saying “Oh my god you have changed my life” and Peratt is not the first person to say that to Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott (Dwardu Cardona, Velikovsky, Alfred de Grazia, Ev Cochrane, Don Scott, Ralph E Juergens etc should be noted as contributing).

Wallace Thornhill Electric Universe video Leak Project

Wallace Thornhill end quote: My main concern is to get mankind to grow up. We have to recognise that we are all connected in some way.

Wallace Thornhill interview summary

These brief notes are from near the end of the video. The timings and what exactly was said or implied may very likely be wrong but these were written on the fly. Links and a bit more information added later.

39 minutes:
Electric gravity, non Constant Gravity and Speed of Light (C), Mass changes etc

43 minutes:
Petroglyphs, rock art, Anthony Peratt plasma instabilities and duck stuff

Plasma science – discharges at kinks

47 minutes:
The proto binary system did not include the sun
– Brown dwarfs plasmasphere perfect for encouraging red light life like luscious plants as observed in previous planet conditions with megaflora etc
– Binary pairs close together due to the 2 filaments
– If 3rd object is our Sun then 3rd object normally far away
– Intruder, captured, migratory planets are found far away
– The scion moons and planets born from electrically stressed then destressing plasma gas giants are found much closer to the parent object
– Question from Rex (Leak Project) and Wal’s answer was “No reason and possible that Saturn/Jupiter were a binary pair but no evidence to make it likely”

Wandering system the objects plasmasphere gets smaller as it gets closer to the sun

56 minutes:
Genome changing (relatively recently,rapidly)
Timing of capture (proto and Saturn Polar Configuration) was 12000 years ago
– Ice age elliptic orbit
– Electric orbit stabilises
– Calculating backwards using today’s environment and physical conditions when things today are very different to back them

Mankind must understand himself or he has no future – Immanuel Velikovsky quote

62 minutes:
Genetic changes to plants in bomb craters
– Life no matter what/where/when
– New species rapidly appear after multiple global mass extinctions as the information for life is through the universe
– The genetic system must be able to adapt rapidly to adapt to the changed environment
– The universe is intelligent
– Imprinted in us an instinctive fear of doomsday, always a fear of something, nuclear war, ice age, struck by comet, now global warming
– Yes the climate changes, it is nothing to do with us, we have to adjust to the conditions