Nabataean false doors Egyptian

Oh My plasma God

What on Earth and in the Heavens did they witness.

The tiny black doors to the what? Afterlife, the gods, void, darkness.

Gate of the Gods Nabataeans

The 4 pillars that they did not know was the sign of their own catastrophic death? The Peratt plasma column’s final stage before he suggests the last 4 filaments (pairs?) then snaps and it is gone just like that.

The 2 horns, inverted triangle, zig zag, crown, duck hat in other cultures petroglyphs.

Nabataean Peratt Instability?

Plasmoid awestruck people inspired to build them?

… in a bid to shed light on a mysterious civilisation that once lived there. The Nabataean culture left behind sophisticated stone monuments, but many sites remain unexplored.

“Yet comparatively little about the Arabian peninsula in ancient times has been discovered. Exactly how our findings will impact on understanding of ancient history, we don’t yet know. But it is likely to reshape the world view of earlier periods.”

Foote spent many years working in Petra, the ancient city in Jordan that remains the best known monument left by the Nabataean civilisation. She says aerial archaeology will be key to exploring the culture’s funerary architecture, standing stones and more unusual sites that would otherwise take years to investigate.

Uncovering secrets of mystery civilization in Saudi Arabia | BBC


Oh My Peratt God.


These could be anything. These massive rock faces chiselled and carted away by Nabataeans or who else?

Hidden Inca (and Nabataean) Tours

No idea who this chap or company is but his photographs, historical information and his own interpretation of who might have not done what, seem to show he might have been there.

Nabataeans Petra? Hidden Inca Tours

Little Petra is located about half an hour drive from the main Petra site, and clearly was made by the same builders. The fact that the sandstone at both locations is 7 out of 10 in hardness negates the idea that the nomadic Nabateans were the ones responsible…where would they have picked up the skills to do such work?

Some 550 kilometers away [from Petra], in Saudi Arabia we find Mada’in Saleh, which looks remarkably similar to Petra and Little Petra in terms of sculpting technique.

The sheer scale of these places, along with the fact that the stone is very hard and would require thousands of hardened steel tools to make them, tells us that the Nabateans likely found these sites abandoned, and chose to occupy them.
Who Really Built Petra In Jordan? Lost Ancient High Technology At Work | Hidden Inca Tours

The Jupiter Myth Earths rings

The not false Doors touring the Middle East and South America

At the bottom of these buildings. The Doors. That Door to the… what? Doorway, passageway to death, heavens, gods etc? The dark void at the bottom, the black gold at the end of the rainbow.

Rock art used by Tony Peratt shows the bottom of the figures to be curved, perhaps the dark niche?

Egyptian temple false door in Peru
The false Doors touring Peru

Egypt is not the only place where such strange doors can be found. Other examples of similar structures are seen in South America. The mysterious Gate of the Gods door is located in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Peru and the natives there haves a legend that speaks of a gateway to the lands of the Gods.
False Doors Outside of Egypt | Ancient Origins

Julian West’s The Jupiter Myth videos has a great possible explanation for these dark openings built by Egyptians, Maltese, Greek, Roman, South American etc. I believe this theory was helped by Jno Cook amongst others.

Nabataean false doors Egyptian

The not so false Egyptian Temple doors, niches, alters. Representation of the dark shadow, the dark side of the Earth rings? Or a dark part of a plasmoid, Axis Mundi, Saturn and other planetary Birkeland current connections through filaments and sheets?

Nabataean Geometry

The tops could be inverted sort of arrows, stack of toroids, pyramid etc? If they continue further at the top then possibly the petroglyphs and pottery patterns of horizontal zig-zag or triangle structure.

Kingdoms, civilisations mysteriously crumbling away or being blastered to catastrophic death.

All of this may seem or not be very likely, but still ancient awesome rock hewn then finely carved sandstone monuments.