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Squatter Warrior

Are Peratt’s Piper sometimes also squatter fighters, squatter man?

Why are the warriors in a squatting pose? Was it Petra’s Nabataean civilisation’s normal fighting stance?

Peratt Piper plasma petroglyph

Inscription found in eastern Jordan reads: ‘By Aqraban, son of Kasit, son of Saad, the beautiful woman, playing the reed pipes’, circa 100 BC to 100 AD

The 16 Safaitic (old Arabic used in southern Syria and northern Arabia) and Nabataean inscriptions were discovered in 2017, said Professor Younis Shdaifat from Mutah University in a recent interview with The Jordan Times, adding that there are many references to the Nabataeans in the inscriptions, dating between the 1st century BC and the 4th century AD.

The royal family ruled from Petra while civil and military officials had been appointed to control other territories of the realm, according to the scholar.
Inscriptions offer clues to Nabataeans’ social, political relations | The Archaeology News Network

high energy density plasma instabilities

Safaitic inscription with a drawing depicting warriors in a fight scene
Inscriptions offer clues to Nabataeans’ social, political relations | The Archaeology News Network

Pan Piper rock art

Kokopelli – No description of petroglyphs would be complete without the mention of Kokopelli, the flute-playing figure that has inspired surprisingly, far-ranging folk-stories.With little cultural embellishments to the image, these are found world-wide. Fig 37 shows a collection of Kokopelli figures.

At the top are two examples taken from a plasma discharge. These figures are respectively, early and late time photographs of the discharge. Whether or not the subjective interpretation of these shapes would result in the small sample of petroglyphs shown is left to the reader.
Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity | Anthony L. Peratt (free PDF)

Anthony Peratt’s Piper playing the plasma pipes, Pan Pipes, the Kokopelli plasmoid instability interpreted by local ancient customs, view of the world, mythology.

Peratt Pan Pipes

The Nabataean horseback soldier appears to be the only figure not with a squatting posture.

Nabataean rock art Petra

Are these aboriginal hunters with shields, spears, bows, arrows or are they a specific view of Birkeland current structures?

Pan Piper, the Nabataeans Pied Piper.