actived asteroids are electric universe comets

Comets are Thornhill Asteroids

This is not a drill. This is not a drill. This is an Astronomy Magazine article on How Are Comets and Asteroids Related?

A view developed during the past 20 years suggests comets and asteroids, although distinct types of bodies, are more alike than astronomers originally thought.

The discoveries of other bodies with peculiar properties led to the cross-listing of several objects as both asteroids and comets. These include 2060 Chiron… This unusual asteroid came under intense study, and, in 1988, astronomers watched it surprisingly undergo an outburst in brightness, an act characteristic of comets, not asteroids.

Additionally, 60558 Echeclus, a centaur discovered in 2000, appeared to be an innocent asteroid. In late 2005, astronomers found a faint cometary coma surrounding this body.

Finally, 4015 Wilson-Harrington, an object first observed as a comet in 1949 and later independently discovered as an asteroid in 1979, shares both designations. The 1949 observations showed cometary characteristics, while the later ones did not.

All this points to a complex solar system in which the orbits and behaviors of asteroids and comets are related more than astronomers originally envisioned.
How Are Comets and Asteroids Related? by David J Eicher |

active asteroids are electric comets

Electric Universe theories have been predicting this for decades. This is not a Wallace Thornhill Thunderbolts Picture of the Day or David Talbott Space News where they have predicted that comets are electromagnetically and electrochemically active asteroids.

In the electric view, there is no fundamental distinction between a comet and an asteroid, apart from their orbits. Comets are not primordial objects formed by impact accretion – an improbable and unfalsifiable model.

A comet is simply an electrical display and was recognized as such by scientists in the 19th century. So an ‘asteroid’ on a sufficiently elliptical orbit will do precisely what a comet does—it will discharge electrically. What distinguishes the cometary ‘asteroids’, observed by the University of Hawaii astronomers, are the paths they follow, moving them through the radial electric field of the Sun to a greater extent than is typical of other bodies in the ‘asteroid belt’. Cometary effects may also be expected from an asteroid if it passes through the huge electric comet tail [called the magnetosphere] of a giant planet.

The astronomers’ recent investigation only reinforces the argument of the electrical theorists: The electric model is eminently testable, with highly specific and unique predictions; and it has so far met every test provided by the space age.
When Asteroids Become Comets |

actived asteroids are electric universe comets

Different potentials in circuits, processes in ionized gas (dusty plasmas). Varying states of orbits, transforming plasma discharge modes. Potentially chemical element transmutation. Resistance to change or predisposition for transformation?

But comets can be quite rocky in composition, and asteroids can have plenty of icy volatiles. So sometimes a comet can appear much like an asteroid and an asteroid can have a comet-like tail.
A Newly Discovered Asteroid Has Started To Look Like A Comet | Forbes

Immanuel Velikovsky comets are asteroids

EU models could include a Big variable of the Gravitational constant. The mass and density of these very rocky looking mini planets and moons could be more visually logical than being lighter than sponge, loose aggregate.

The gravitational constant is a physical constant that is difficult to measure with high accuracy. This is because the gravitational force is extremely weak as compared to other fundamental forces.
Value and dimensions of Gravitational constant | wikipedia

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And the title includes a big thanks to all the other Velikovskian, Thunderbolts Group, Plasma Cosmology investigators, scientists, mythologists, chronologists involved. Even those who may have wanted to remain unsung heroes like Tony Peratt, Society for Interdisciplinary Studies etc.