Sutton Knoll Pliocene seas fossil island

Fossil islands and Sutton Knoll England

Sutton Knoll in Suffolk England is a famous and very rare fossil island of Pliocene Coralline Crag in a Red Crag sea on London Clay.

Rockhall Wood is its location and you can find marine shells including mussels, phosphatic nodules (coprolites), quartz stones, pipes, sand waves and pebble layers.

Sutton Knoll map

The Pliocene geology of what was formerly known as Pettistree Hall Pit has Red Crag overlying Coralline Crag boulders, wave cut platforms, ancient Coralline and Suffolk Crag beaches also known as Red Crag beaches, and other geological and natural science wonders.

The Sutton Hall Farms Knoll is on top of a hill near the River Deben. It has a number of quarries mined into it for the coprolite phosphate stones that were used in the 19th century to create phosphate fertiliser for the local farming land.

Sutton Knoll Pliocene seas fossil island

From an Electric Universe geology perspective the rarity of this isolated hillock, the possible electromagnetic conversion or electrochemical transmutation of chemical elements of the Coralline Crag to Red Crag or Red Crag sands (ferruginous coloration), coprolites (phosphate nodules), the layers of pebbles between formations, solution pipes, quartz stones, fossils, cross bedding, even a mention for the geological mythical proto River Thames – everything is exciting.

Sutton Knoll – North Pits

Sutton Knoll Pleistocene fossil island

fossil island beaches Coralline Crag Sutton Knoll

Rockhall Wood North Pit solution pipe

Sutton Knoll solution pipe Coralline Crag

fossil island Coralline Crag in Red Crag seas Sutton Knoll

Sutton Knoll Pliocene Coralline Crag

Rockhall Wood SSSI Sutton Suffolk Coralline Crag

fossil island Coralline Crag in Red Crag seas

Pliocene geology Coralline Crag

Sutton Knoll – Bullockyard Pit

Sutton Knoll Red Crag overlying Coralline Crag boulders

Sutton Knoll Bullockyard Pit

Rockhall Wood Pit Red Crag overlying Coralline Crag boulders

Sutton Knoll – Quarry Pit

Sutton Knoll Pleistocene Red Crag

Rockhall Wood Suffolk Coralline Crag

Sutton Knoll Quarry Pit

Rockhall Wood Quarry Pit Sutton

Sutton Knoll – Chicken Pit

Rockhall Wood Lower Pleistocene Red Crag

Sutton Knoll Coralline Crag boulder Red Crag beach

Pettistree Hall Chicken Pit

Phosphatic nodules coprolites Sutton Knoll

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