Electric Universe theory experiments

Science: dialogue or monologue?

Is Peer review science science a monologue or a dialogue? Are alternative cosmology and physical theories a load of parabolic?

SEA spent the weekend at the Electric Universe theory 2019 UK conference as an independent observer and gives his views and experience of it and EU Theory.

He also explains an intriguing thought experiment involving Einstein, Mach and Newton.

Electric Universe theory experiments

Last weekend, I was invited to the Dynamic Earth 2019 conference in Bath – the main European event for proponents of the Electric Universe paradigm. During the two-day conference, I got to meet major EU scientists such as Wallace Thornhill of the Thunderbolts Project. But, while I thought the paradigm had some good ideas, I still consider myself a standard cosmologist.

Furthermore, since my first video on the Electric Universe, the Event Horizon Telescope team released their groundbreaking image of the black hole at the centre of M87. In order to be won over by the theory, I would need a tangible and convincing plasma cosmology answer to this breakthrough, as well as to hear a number of new, eye-opening ideas.

Electric Universe theory

With this in mind, I got stuck into the conference, and began to learn more about the people at the centre of the paradigm and the daily challenges they face in their quest to promote this new answer to cosmos.

The Electric Universe has a controversial reputation, but we must rise above our urge to attack but rather embrace alternate ideas. Always remember, science is a dialogue.
Live @ Dynamic Earth Conference 2019 (Electric Universe Conference, Bath UK)

Universe spinning round a cup of water – thought experiment

Electric Universe theory experiments

Cup of water. Instead of spinning the cup/water around you can rotate the entire universe around the cup.

Professor Andre Koch Torres Assis suggests that according to the mathematical equations and Laws of Newton the water level in the cup will remain level.

Electric Universe theory experiments

That Mach’s Law will have the water surface curving in a parabola.
Electric Universe theory experiments

That Einstein’s Equations are… pretty fucked up.

Electric Universe theory experiments

Almost looks like a rebound central peak in a Peer reviewed geology impact crater but not when it is an impossible central mountain peak (Mount Sharp) in Gale impact crater on Mars?.