STEVE Electric Universe Plasma Cosmology

STEVE’s electric picket fence?

The wonderful STEVE Birkeland appearing in plasma shows in both hemispheres at the same time. A hemiSTEVE?

The researchers also found the picket fence occurs in both hemispheres at the same time, supporting the conclusion that its source is high enough above Earth to feed energy to both hemispheres simultaneously.
Scientists discover what powers celestial phenomenon STEVE |

STEVEs picket fence plasma

Although more likely caused by the solar part of the system, why does everything have to be Sun triggered, heliocentric?

Typical auroras, the northern and southern lights, are usually seen as swirling green ribbons spreading across the sky. But STEVE is a thin ribbon of pinkish-red or mauve-colored light stretching from east to west, farther south than where auroras usually appear. Even more strange, STEVE is sometimes joined by green vertical columns of light nicknamed the picket fence.
Scientists discover what powers celestial phenomenon STEVE |

STEVEs picket electric fence or Jacob’s plasma stairway to heaven?

STEVE's picket electric fence

Aurora is defined by particle precipitation, electrons and protons actually falling into our atmosphere, whereas the STEVE atmospheric glow comes from heating without particle precipitation

They found that during STEVE, a flowing “river” of charged particles in Earth’s ionosphere collide…

Interestingly, the study found the picket fence is powered by energetic electrons streaming from space thousands of kilometers above Earth. While similar to the process that creates typical auroras, these electrons impact the atmosphere far south of usual auroral latitudes.

Can the other solar system objects be triggers and the Sun reacts accordingly?

The satellite data showed high-frequency waves moving from Earth’s magnetosphere to its ionosphere can energize electrons…

The larger objects, planets might be under the thrall of the moons, their own Near-Earth asteroids, Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, especially comets, Mars Siding Spring, sun grazing comets creating havoc. Those old folklores of comets of doom.

Being lead by geomagnetic events in the planets?


A hemi STEVE as nice as a Hemi Barracuda to the Electric Universe theory?

STEVE Electric Universe Plasma Cosmology

STEVE often, although not always, is observed above a green, “picket-fence” aurora. Although the picket-fence aurora is created through precipitation of electrons, they appear outside the auroral oval and so their formation is different from traditional aurora. The study also showed these phenomena appear in both hemispheres simultaneously. Sightings of picket-fence aurora have been made without observations of STEVE.

The green emissions seem to be related to eddies in the supersonic flow of charged particles, similar to the eddies seen in a river, which move more slowly than the other water around them. The green bars in the picket fence are moving more slowly than the structures in the purple emissions, and some scientists have speculated they could be caused by turbulence in the charged particles from space.
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The celestial phenomenon known as STEVE is likely caused by a combination of…