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Chronology, Catastrophe and Mythology journal

Chronology and Catastrophism Review 2019:1 contributors investigate the usual wide ranging disciplines and subjects with even a bit of British black mat (black earth) and Homer astronomy making an appearance in this SIS published magazine or PDF.

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Chronology and Catastrophe magazine

The contents of the latest Society for Interdisciplinary Studies journal/PDF:

  • An Examination of Chronological Aspects of ‘The 5th Century Invasions According to Tóth Gyula’ by Trevor Palmer
  • The History of the Latter Divided Monarchy: A Review by J Eric Aitchison
  • From Alalakh, In Search of Mitanni by Barry Curnock
  • The Uluburun Shipwreck – Evidence for a Late Bronze Age Arms Trade? by Bob Johnson
  • Ophir and Punt by Donald Keith Mills
  • Reflections on the Writings of Euan MacKie regarding Catastrophism by Phillip Clapham
  • Homer’s Árktos – ‘Bearly’ Polar by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
  • Reflections on Possible Findings of the Black Mat in the UK by Phillip Clapham
  • Plus Society News, Bookshelf and Letters

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

If you are only into the plasma space side of the Thunderbolts Electric Universe theory or Plasma Cosmology then this may not float your boat. But if you might even be slightly interested in ancient mythology, Egyptian history and possible problems or concerns with our planets historic time lines then this is for you.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Background

The SIS was formed in 1974 in response to the growing interest in global cosmic catastrophes, initiated earlier by the publication of Immanuel Velikovsky’s book, Worlds in Collision and its attempted suppression by the academic establishment. His insistence on past planetary instability, particularly with regard to the planets Venus and Mars, the role of electricity in the cosmos and the use of myth to provide evidence in respect of his theories is well-known.

Theories of global cosmic catastrophism demand that there should be corroboration between other disciplines. This makes cosmic catastrophism truly interdisciplinary and inclusive. Such disciplines and subjects include:

various scientific dating methods
biblical studies