Wikipedia humour algorithm

Wikipedia’s computational banter

Wikipedia searching for the result of, trying to compute, to understand the meaning of the life’s work for ‘Dwardu Cardona‘.

Did you mean: dwarf cardona

Dwardu Cardona

Not even a ? bit of doubt.

Even though the God Star that is and was Cardona at least made it into the footnotes of other pages or peoples Wiki history and References.

algorithm computational humor banter

Wikipedia banter algorithm

It is rather funny. Wikipedia’s computational fun or banter? Wiki’s search results programmed to use dark bedside humour algorithms when crazies enter their pseudoscience event horizons?

Have even Wikipedia’s search engine algorithms have been programmed to instinctively put the boot in to all those tainted and banned by association of living in the theory of an Electric Universe.

No need to encourage the human sic page editors, those ruthless Gate Keepers to the Peer Motte and Bailey castle, not with these robot academic dogs of war unleashed.

Dwardu Cardona God Star Primordial Flare book

Wikipedia searching to logically understand the basic accepted parameters and Peer Review meaning of Dwardu Cardona. Do not even bother looking or hoping for his Advanced parameters.

Is this Wikipedia banter? Or trying to make the best of the news it has to logically serve up to the deluded fool wasting everyone’s bits of time? Being nice in a cruel to be kind theory.

Dwardu Cardona is the dwarf God Star

Its all a bit of fun, witty banter. All a bit of computational humor and bantz. It’s not like, in theory, the universe depends on it.