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Electromagnetic Galaxy and Universe

Cigar Galaxy’s electrically charged dusty plasma current flowing through aligned magnetic fields. NASA suggests it is also a Magnetic Universe.

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Combined with observable 99% plasma mass in universe and you could also have an Electromagnetic Universe. All physical forces electrical in nature?

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the galactic wind flowing from the center of the Cigar Galaxy (M82) is aligned along a magnetic field and transports a very large mass of gas and dust – the equivalent mass of 50 million to 60 million Suns. “The space between galaxies is not empty,” said Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez, a Universities Space Research Association (USRA) scientist working on the SOFIA team. “It contains gas and dust…”

M82 also has strong winds blowing gas and dust into intergalactic space. Astronomers have long theorized that these winds would also drag the galaxy’s magnetic field in the same direction… Researchers using the airborne observatory SOFIA found definitively that the wind from the Cigar Galaxy not only transports a huge amount of gas and dust into the intergalactic medium, but also drags the magnetic field so it is perpendicular to the galactic disc. In fact, the wind drags the magnetic field more than 2,000 light-years across – close to the width of the wind itself.

“One of the main objectives of this research was to evaluate how efficiently the galactic wind can drag along the magnetic field,” said Lopez-Rodriguez. “We did not expect to find the magnetic field to be aligned with the wind over such a large area.”

“Studying intergalactic magnetic fields – and learning how they evolve – is key to understanding how galaxies evolved over the history of the universe,” said Terry Jones, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis
Galactic Wind Provides Clues to Evolution of Galaxies | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

electromagnetic universe dusty plasma

But where does this matter come from? A new study reveals how galactic winds carry this material away from sites of new star creation and out into intergalactic space… the Cigar Galaxy has particularly strong galactic winds — streams of highly charged particles which shoot off into space when new stars are formed. This makes it the ideal location to observe how gas and dust are carried out into intergalactic space.
The birth of stars creates epic stellar winds which seed new galaxies | Digital Trends

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The polarization of M82 at 53 µm clearly shows a magnetic field geometry perpendicular to the disk in the hot dust emission. For M82 the polarization at 154 µm shows a combination of field geometry perpendicular to the disk in the nuclear region, but closer to parallel to the disk away from the nucleus. The fractional polarization at 53 µm (154 µm) ranges from 7% (3%) off nucleus to 0.5% (0.3%) near the nucleus.

A simple interpretation of the observations of M82 invokes a massive polar outflow, dragging the field along, from a region ∼ 700 pc in diameter that has entrained some of the gas and dust, creating a vertical field geometry seen mostly in the hotter (53 µm) dust emission. This outflow sits within a larger disk with a more typical planar geometry that more strongly contributes to the cooler (154 µm) dust emission.

For NGC 253, the polarization at 89 µm is dominated by a planar geometry in the tilted disk, with weak indication of a vertical geometry above and below the plane from the nucleus.
SOFIA Far Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of M82 and NGC 253: Exploring the Super–Galactic Wind (direct link to PDF)

The flowing ionized gas (dusty plasma) forming its own electromagnetic fields, forces? The electromagnetic frequency of the waves transformed/polarized by natural electrical forces?

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Electromagnetic rules and forces of fields, attraction, induction, resistance to transformation, local Gravity?

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