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Crocodile eggs in dinosaur nests: what are the implications?

Why? How? What? When? were amazingly well preserved ancient crocodilian eggs found intact in the nest of a dinosaur (theropod)?

Is it not just instant fossilisation but could it show instant electromagnetic evolution?

crocodile eggs in dinosaur nest theropodIt is a mystery why some of the eggs of crocodiles were found in a dinosaur nest. Crocodiles are top predators today, but in the past large dinosaurs were at the top of the food chain.
Oldest croc eggs discovered in dinosaur nest | BBC

These are the oldest crocodylomorph eggs known, extending the fossil record for this group to the Late Jurassic. Furthermore, except for the clutch from Cambelas, the material was found with theropod eggs and nests, in the other four occurrences
Two new ootaxa from the late Jurassic: The oldest record of crocodylomorph eggs, from the Lourinhã Formation, Portugal

What do fossilised crocodile eggs in dinosaurs nests imply?

Science assumes so much when it comes to dinosaurs. A few years ago if you had suggested they had feathers you would have been laughed at.

Is everything we assume about dinosaurs wrong?

The discovery of K. dinophilus associated with theropod nests and eggshells raises some still unresolved questions. The occurrence of K. dinophilus with theropod eggshells belonging to the same, or at least very closely related ootaxa could be indicative of some type of relationship between the two

… Extant crocodylomorphs are the top predators in many ecosystems, and even smaller genera, more likely to be vulnerable to predators, are usually more reclusive and more heavily armored than their larger counterparts, therefore effectively decreasing the risk of predation. In the Late Jurassic, this was not the case since the top tiers of the terrestrial food chain were occupied by a range of medium- to large-size theropods
Two new ootaxa from the late Jurassic: The oldest record of crocodylomorph eggs, from the Lourinhã Formation, Portugal

Are these crocodile eggs also another example of ultra quick preservation that could be said to be fossilization within a day or instantaneously?

Could the dinosaur have been effected when pregnant and these were like Morphic Field mutations?

Could it be crocodile brood parasites, like the cuckoo bird, putting their eggs in other dumb bird or dinosaur nests who then look raise them?