earth magnetic reversals mystery puzzle

Earths magnetic reversals mystery

earth magnetic reversals mystery puzzleEvidence for geomagnetic reversals of the Earth (magnetic flip where the old magnetic North is now magnetic South) seems to be fairly overwhelming.

For once mainstream science, the Electric Universe theory and ancient civilisations mythology agree that some form of the Earth reversing has occurred in the past, perhaps multiple times.

earth geomagnetic reversals mystery puzzleThere also seems to be partial or temporary changes in the Earths magnetic field – in its strength, orientation and pole location (Laschamp geomagnetic excursion). Perhaps one of the biggest of the Earths magnetic reversal puzzles is why are there apparently localised magnetic field changes (Lake Mungo Geomagnetic Excursion)?

But what type of reversals were they, could they have been triggered by different mechanics/events, why were there multiple geomagnetic reversals?

In a series of articles the puzzle of reversal of the Earth will be investigated. Links should appear below, or is that above?

Earth magnetic reversals scenarios

  • Full flips
  • Earths geomagnetic excursions (temporary reversals or changes to its properties)
  • Localised reversals or magnetic excursions

Magnetic or Earths physical reversal?

Were they planet Earth magnetic reversals or was it the Earth itself physical flipping over (the planets poles physically swapping places)?

Earth magnetic reversals – effects on the Earth

  • Change in Earths gravity, either for the whole planet or localised
  • Physical effect on the Earth itself (were there world wide or local catastrophes, climate change etc)
  • Earths magnetic flips and its effect on life

Evidence for a geomagnetic flipping?

  • Rocks and natural material
  • Pottery
  • Mythology
  • Written mythology including religious texts

Mechanics/triggers for a reversal

  • Gravity Universe
  • Electric Universe