mantle earthquakes inner outer core

Mantle earthquakes

mantle earthquakes inner outer coreGeology theory suggests that earthquakes are surface events created by stresses and strains between vast tectonic plates. They are relatively not that deep.

There is now a suggestion, from what seems to be actual physical experimental data and not just purely from computer modelling, that there may be even deeper earthquakes than previous theories have predicted.

Deep earthquakes coming from what is supposed to be the melted magma rock of the upper mantle.

Mantle earthquakes

deep earthquakes origin trigger process
How can you get ultra deep earthquakes in and from non volcanic molten magma?

In the future will there be even deeper mantle earthquakes discovered?

Researchers in southern California have discovered a new type of earthquake that can occur a lot deeper than expected – more than 24 km (15 miles) deep, in Earth’s upper mantle … Until now, our understanding of earthquakes was that they occur in the top half of the planet’s crust, as continental plates build up tension by pushing and rubbing up against each other.

It was thought that quakes in southern California did not occur any deeper than around 19 to 24 km (12 to 15 miles), because below that is Earth’s mantle, which is so hot that rock becomes a honey-like liquid, which is assumed to be incapable of building up seismic strain.

But using the most powerful seismic sensors available, a team from Caltech in Pasadena detected small earthquakes occurring along the Newport-Inglewood fault line deeper than 24 km (15 miles), all the way into the Earth’s upper mantle – representing a whole new type of earthquake.
Scientists in California just discovered a new type of earthquake

Core earthquakes

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If earthquakes are electromagnetic phenomenon, then they could be found in the planets mantle and perhaps even further in the interior, even to its outer core and inner core?

Will we discover and confirm lithosphere earthquakes, asthenosphere earthquakes, core earthquakes or just earthquakes.

Is geologies understanding of what an earthquake is and what the planets mantle and interior wrong?

Especially when plasma/electromagnetic spacequakes have a similar signature to that of terrestrial earthquakes?

Is this another correct prediction for the Electric Universe theory?