Lichtenberg figure intraplate earthquakes fault line

earthquakes – electrical fault on the lines?

intraplate earthquakes tremors shocksEarthquakes can occur at fault lines. Intraplate earthquakes (shocks in the middle of land masses away from the tectonic plate edges) are a great puzzle but should mainly be found at fault lines.

Is it the fault lines that trigger, attract, store, discharge the energy of earthquakes?

is the earthquake there not due to its energy and a fault line but there due to the fault lines energy/resistance?

The earthquake is due to the fault line not the earthquake?

Electric fault earthquakes?

intraplate earthquakes australia america faultsCould sedimentary rocks with their different electrical nature to igneous/metamorphic rock mean that either earthquakes are not encouraged or the energy passes through with little resistance?

Why do earthquakes have a similar signature to spacequakes found in and around earths plasmasphere?

Lichtenberg figure discharges intraplate earthquakesFault lines will physically be an area of different properties to the surrounding area. Looking at it electromagnetically could they be a resistance point or a capacitor? Energy could be dissipated into the surrounding area and may trigger a discharge?

Energy could be stored and then a breakdown occurs and the energy is released which in itself encourages more discharge of natural energy flowing through or stored in the earth or in the earths plasmasphere / sun / solar system?

Could you sometimes get something like a Lichtenberg figure discharge?

intraplate earthquakes fault lines s wavesEarthquakes have different types of physical waves, you have S waves, P waves, Love waves and Rayleigh waves. Are they the physical representation of the electrical energy? Even the physical nature of the rock will have some sort of electrical properties?

The thunderbolts article Earthquakes and Volcanoes has a great possible explanation for electrical earthquakes.

Surprise earthquake fault on the line?

Lichtenberg figure intraplate earthquakes fault lineDoes geology find surprising new fault lines after earthquakes because of the electrical discharge that has just occurred? Perhaps there was no fault line there before but during the discharge event the strata/rock is changed and it is now called a fault line, as nothing else can cause an earthquake especially if it is an intraplate earthquake.

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