earthquake colour map nepal

Colour maps of Nepal Earthquake

earthquake colour map nepalThe ESA’s (European Space Agency) new satellite Sentinel-1a has been used to produce new colour maps of the Earths movement after the recent Nepal Earthquake.

This allows them to use the interferogram to see and speculate on what did and did not happen.

Have the mountains moved as much as other types of land?

Why has land or mountains around the quake epicentre (East and North) not moved as much as that to the South?

The new data confirms an area of 120km by 50km around Kathmandu lifted up, with a maximum of at least 1m.

“There’s a peak of slip just to the northeast of Kathmandu. Basically, what we do is count the coloured ‘fringes’ in this interferogram and there are about 34, so that translates to more than a metre of uplift,” explained Prof Tim Wright from the UK’s Nerc Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics (COMET).

Further to the north of the capital, the interferogram indicates that the ground subsided, which is exactly what would be expected following a shallow thrust.

Researchers can also see how the fault ruptured east from the epicentre, and did not break the surface.

This may indicate that not all the strain built up in the rocks prior to the earthquake was released in the magnitude-7.8 event and its subsequent aftershocks.
Sentinel satellite reveals Nepal quake movement