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Earths water origin not from comets. Where?

earths water origin planetWhere does Earths water come from? If the origin of our massive amount of water does not come from comets, as comets are actually active asteroids and made or rock and not not dirty snowballs, then where does earths water originate from?

cosmochemist Geoff Blake and his team show that (comet) Hale-Bopp contains sizable amounts of “heavy water,” which contains a heavier isotope of hydrogen called deuterium.
Thus, if Hale-Bopp is a typical comet, and if comets indeed gave Earth its water supply billions of years ago, then the oceans should have roughly the same amount of deuterium as comets. In fact, the oceans have significantly less.
Earth’s water probably didn’t come from comets, Caltech researchers say

Earths water not from asteroids origin

According to planet formation theory / Big Bang theory there are issues with Earth having and retaining its water from the start. Dust accrediting to rocky earth is unlikely to have formed with water.

Taking into account the old ages of eucrite meteorites and their similarity to Earth’s isotopic ratios of hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen, we demonstrate that these volatiles could have been added early to Earth, rather than gained during a late accretion event.
Early accretion of water in the inner solar system from a carbonaceous chondrite–like source

A recent investigation has suggested that carbonaceous chondrite like bodies have similar water to our planet. It suggests water did accredit/form on Earth earlier than science has been suggesting.

Earths water origin from interaction with the Suns plasma?

earths water origin not comets plasmaCould the Earths water have come from some sort of process similar to water molecules being created on the moon and asteroids/comets? An interaction between the electrically charged rock/object and the Suns electrically charged solar wind (plasma)? Water signatures have been found in the strangest of places, usually involving plasma, such as in near the Suns surface.

Could a process similar to this have created the original water on earth?

Could water still being created on Earth?

Water being created in the Earth itself?

earths water origin ktb super boreholeThere appears to be a lot of water inside the Earth itself, found deep down in rocks.

There have been a few super deep drilling projects going far underground. Virtually everything they found was a surprise, including water in the rocks.

The scientists at KTB expected deep crystalline rock to be bone dry, but to their surprise, water influx occured at several depths from open fractures.
The KTB Borehole

Russia’s Kola Superdeep Borehole also discovered fluids at surprising deep levels.

You also have all the fossil water that seems to mostly be found under deserts and very deep underground fresh water lakes.

There are large natural electrical circuits in the earth itself, from Telluric currents to perhaps earthquakes being a part of the Earths electrical circuit with the solar system.You also have the earths plasma fountain, spacequakes (very similar in signature to earthquakes) and, of course, the northern and southern lights.

Earths water source is from another planet?

earths water from origin marsThe EU theory suggests that there have been a number of interactions with planets in our solar system, which is why we have mythology of the Doomsday and perhaps why Asterix was only scared of the sky falling on his head.

Could water from Mars have been transferred to Earth during one of these close encounters? Science suggests that many of the features on Mars are water related. But where has all that water gone?